maj 04 2011

A reference to "wedding" word started...

Psychological adjustment carefully wedding phobia!
Since when do not know, a reference to "wedding" word started nervous. Although after several rounds of discussion and dispute, big day and the hotel has finally been finalized, but the thought process there is a wedding, bridesmaid men and women, personnel arrangements, the placing of flowers, the arrangement of new homes Evening Dresses the endless details unresolved, could not resist stomach began to churn! Although the thought of Taking over as the royal wedding, you can at any rate this is the only time in life, ah! Thus, even if, as has always been self-efficient, powerful OFFICE strong woman has a bit much, so the wedding and the banquet was defeated!
Fear of you caught the wedding yet?
A complete wedding should be love, happiness, satisfaction filled and sharing, not a show off and the carnival, so we are more respected simple, dignified western wedding, because it is a ritual of love.
Case I:
The more close to the wedding, ALICE feel more exhausted. Arrange all the details of the wedding plus the layout of new homes took all her free time, a direct result of the complex details of her lack of sleep, she yawned in the afternoon OFFICE, looks like a half asleep.
A wedding is a major event of two people should work together. But Mr. Right big responsibility and a large capacity, the total flying everywhere, so the size of the thing can only be kicked by the bride. Although the husband and his family inside and outside the top leaders, ALICE Doukua of LG considerate enough, but just before the wedding than most busy in the maintenance and dressed brides Prom Dresses, ALICE will inevitably be wronged!
Though some friends help, ALICE still found to hold a decent show and the wedding is really a huge project site! ALICE turned wedding planner, girlfriends as on-site implementation, a variety of trivial dense presentation of a laptop, just to coordinate all aspects of her victims should phone ringing off the hook. To make matters worse, her busy work, in addition to further squeeze the honeymoon vacation. ALICE occasionally than the mirror, looking gaunt face filled, those who can not speak slowly accumulated complaints, although she has always been a big woman's style, but occasionally the retreat of the wedding leaked out.
Case II:
4 years old, and next door to a small freckled boy play set; 16 years old, hiding under the covers and close friend to steal guess the color of dress; 22 years old, for the first time made a friend ?Jo Ann is maid of honor potential mad to marry, and finally Joanne also became a bride! But only just tasted the joy about to be married, but soon discovered Joanne: The Siege is not good.
After the wedding countdown, Joanne was surprised to find himself on the fiance does not understand, he seemed to become preoccupied with punctuality overnight
Misers. Home decoration, he often save a few dollars to the cost of materials, and the salesman dispute high on low, entangled for a long time. Weekend dinner, has become a lack of a small restaurant environment. This is the past that she was familiar with decent boyfriend just different person. The talk between two people has become monotonous and boring, no anything else in addition to the wedding, and once in charge of two people who talk about marriage, the financial power house, my fiance Joanna lack of evaluation of blunt financial awareness, no sense of economy, so that Joanna is very unhappy, and finally they broke up.
Case III:
Xiaoyun bride and her boyfriend have been dating for 5 years, talk of marriage can be described as a matter of course. Xiaoyun gentle character, usually courteous and her boyfriend has been in the circle of friends is definitely a model Sweet 16 Dresses. Since the wedding day can be laid down, a small but increasingly tense relationship between the couple.
To make arrangements for the wedding, her mother made a special trip back in time from the field to help new home selection of furniture, decorated wedding site and more. Result, the problem is here. One into the Furniture City, Xiaoyun to find themselves and the mother's taste really is a far cry, like his mother almost did not fancy, they like her mother can not accept. Good-tempered Xiaoyun also like to follow the mother, but this is their future home ah! After several disputes fairly calm, Xiaoyun had to convince the LG, the enthusiastic mother to stay at home. This was not enough, in the wedding process, layout, and Xiaoyun crashes again, and my mother's advice, although LG is half-hearted peacemaker is to do things even if passed, could ultimately LG is also impatient, criticism Xiaoyun lack of respect for her mother, so the couple never had boring model also had a falling out, and then further to order wedding invitations is to use handwriting or printing such a trivial matter, two people have had a big fight.
Love is the greatest enemy of fear
Wedding or marriage phobia syndrome, also known as premarital bipolar disorder, adjustment disorder medicine called pressure, that is if there is a significant thing about to happen, such as changing jobs, marriage, ordinary people will inevitably feel the pressure of huge increases. In fact, modern man is always anxious to complete the various stages of life, let alone such a big wedding? Psychologists of common life events give us the pressure was the score by which the pressure of being divorced is 73 minutes, feeling the pressure to get married is 50 points. Wedding phobia is the most common symptoms of anxiety, fiery, insomnia, can not concentrate. Overall, a moderate degree of pressure to get married, but for those who like pursuit of the perfect marriage pressure is magnified many!
A complete wedding should be love, happiness, satisfaction filled and sharing, not a show off and the carnival, so we are more respected simple, dignified western wedding, because it is a ritual of love. Chinese-style wedding to focus on the tedious ritual, and the scene comparisons and show off, it was natural or not natural to the wedding as the assessment of self-worth, are too concerned about other people's views. These excessive expectations of the parties bound to the marriage has brought great pressure, fear of uninvited wedding. Love is the greatest enemy of fear, when you anxiety, fear, may wish to stop, feel the love between partners. Analysis: Is what the psychological concerns bothering you? The mind to tell your partner, discuss with the solution. To eliminate the "fear of the wedding," couples key is to get rid of the illusion of marriage, do not expect too much, whether it is marriage or the birth of a new home, means the responsibility and pay. So, you will calm a lot.
The opening ceremony of the perfect wedding to relax
Worry about in a grand wedding ceremony of your dignified deportment not it? Under the watchful eyes, you are too nervous because of the emergence of situation? Following completion of this ceremony, it will make you into a more detached, more beautiful state. Yes, you are all perfect for the bride in mind! Sitting in the most relaxed position, or lying down. Imagine heart, a holy lotus bud, in the early morning sun, its petals slowly began to bloom. With the petals open, the flowers gradually spread to the surrounding. Aroma of the flowers will surround you, and then gradually penetrate into every cell of your body. Next, this refreshing fragrance into deep love, you wander where your heart so the anxiety disappeared, because the love of your face showing a smile from the heart. Because the love of your heart happier. Imagine the boundaries of your body begin to disappear, and the fragrance of love in your body gradually to the surrounding flow. Drifting atmosphere of love your love, your parents, your friends, surrounded them together. Your love continue to drift, the whole hotel is full of weddings. Everyone in the wedding unknowingly been infected by your love.
2 strokes insomnia eliminate the tension before the wedding!
Wedding just around the corner, it is inevitable tension, insomnia, haggard face on the wedding is likely to become your lifelong regret! Fortunately, the following two methods to help you. A cup of lemon juice grapefruit mint ingredients: grapefruit 1, mint leaves 4 lemon 1 / 4. Method: Peel the grapefruit seed, mint leaves, washed, seeded lemon, cut into 2 cm pieces. Juice all the ingredients together. Efficacy: the sweet smell of lemon is good for the mind calm, three kinds of materials, mix and match your body completely relax. Using self-hypnosis British Sleep Association President Charles ?Sikorski in the "deep sleep", a book recommended by this self-hypnosis: Choose a comfortable posture lying on the floor, hands by your sides. Concentrate on breathing, feel completely relaxed in the sink to the floor. A point on the ceiling staring, 5 times a deep breath, a recent comparative 1 long. Exhale say to yourself: "I can sleep." Imagine yourself down the 10 stairs, into a beautiful bedroom. Down the stairs, the number from 10 to 1, looking more relaxed feeling. Lie looked at his beautiful big bed, soft bedding in deep, say to yourself: "I sleep well sweet." In the heart gradually sink sleep. To focus attention on his sleeping dreams, take a deep breath. Finally, said to himself: "count to three I will wake up, feeling very relaxed, and then you can sleep." Count to 3, slowly up to bed.