maj 04 2011

Bones decent romantic style sought

Sweet holiday in a single product to create micro-sugar beauty range

Are you ready this summer, chiffon skirt it? If the lack of it, then you not be complete this summer, chiffon skirt as the single essential summer goods, light through the comfortable, elegant romantic feeling, shining splendor of you, deserve.

Lace collar design, feminine, more comfortable lining, very human. Denim shorts, sun hat with a very sweet taste of pure, sweet little girls for wearing.

The sweet princess dress, chest tightness under the stitching design the perfect outline Munakata, showing slim build. Thickness of the medium, it is suitable for summer wear.

Wave models used in the dress denim fabric on the shoulder with a lace design, perspective texture is very sexy, soft chiffon skirt at the cover yarn, full of fantastic temperament, a fish head suede fabric High heels, create a cool street style

Leopard chiffon shirt collar, rural temperament! Bones decent romantic style sought after by many stars, Drama in the high occurrence rate.