maj 04 2011

When the flower shop employees sent the wrong...

Wedding teach you to do the most unexpected stabilization of the bride
For every bride, the most terrible thing was discovered before the wedding and accidentally soiled his wedding, or worse, is that childhood dream of high heels snapped the perfect wedding is every bride dream
In order to own a decent performance at a wedding, do not worry, I'll offer tips for wedding planning to remove these small accidents.
 Unexpected events: When the flower shop employees sent the wrong flowers, do not know what to do, stay calm!
Tip: The first asked him to return to the shop for you to find a solution Formal Dresses. If they can not timely remedy, so that a reliable friend or relative call was able to think of all the flower shop. I believe the problem when they know when you will be and make every effort to help you and put your needs first. If the shop can not be delivered to your door, let the receptionist on the shop pick up the venue. If not enough time to the menu or the orchid flowers rose in her hand to the red carpet, so will look unique and elegant.
Emergencies: In the wedding sprinkled the orange juice, red wine, or get in the veil on the lipstick on, then how to do ah?
Tips: wine or champagne stains on the overflow should be dealt with immediately following the wedding towel pad, scrub with white vinegar or washing, then dry with absorbent paper so as not to leave a mark. If other fruit juices Mother of The Bride Dresses, can be carefully drawn with a dry cloth. Get lipstick on a dress if it is immediately with a dry cloth or paper towel from the bottom gently wipe with a damp paper towel in to the less obvious or can be prepared until the white chalk, colored with chalk on the traces can be made less obvious.
Emergencies: float late country?
Tips: I believe in addition to your family and close friends that no one will see you outside of which car to sit, so you can start with a drive to family or friends counterparts. In theory, after the wedding should be in the car waiting outside the hotel, the driver will appear at this time I'm sorry, but you will save a lot of money. If the car has not been there, continue to find a good car to open to the guests let you take a ride back. If you want to choose a more perfect approach to avoid the occurrence of above embarrassment, let your friends do not mean those lavish show their good car.
Emergencies: road traffic conditions are always uncertain, is likely to affect the entire process of the day traffic jam!
Tips: Call ahead to the hotel and friends rushed to prepare questions to explain what happened, so that the measures they want a good deal. Best advance the day before the wedding and the hotel Goutong timing may occur, and advance understanding of where the road construction. Traditionally Bridesmaids Dresses, the bride will always be late, even a little bit, but do not take risks. Arrival time set aside, or even take time to become familiar route.
 Emergencies: For the weather problem, and sometimes even the astronomers can not predict how can you predict it!
Tips: You must prepare a larger umbrella. In particular, a great wedding skirt, that will require larger, if there are golf-specific umbrella at home the better. Meanwhile, in order to protect your shoes, you might as well let the groom back to the dry place, or simply give up the image of being put on rain boots, this approach most effective, as long as I remember them in front of the hotel into the off.
Unexpected events: the day, the bride must be very tired, so will inevitably occur heel twist to the embarrassment of a broken foot!
Tips: No one is willing to walk in the field limping? Therefore, the best choice for good quality shoes, the heel should not be too high, but if you break a heel is really how to do? More preparation before the wedding and wedding matched pairs of high heels, even if do not have to panic broken heel, the skirt can make it all not to be found in any person, quietly put on the prepared another pair on it.
Emergencies: Food is very bad
Tips: For such an important occasion you should know in advance where the food taste or, at least it makes you understand the standards there, even if the chef occasionally missed time. Of course, this is also remuneration paid by you on, I believe that the hotel guests were told the name from the moment in relation to understand where the dishes should make any kind of expectations. If you encounter special circumstances, the food is cool, will sell bad or component is too small, let your best man or his family once a complaint. Make improvements if it was too late, let the hotel hold a free party gorgeous buffet as compensation.
Unexpected events: allergic reaction
Tips: Anyway, the wedding day is best to prepare some medicine. If you have asthma, be sure to wear a respirator. Kits to help you make your bridesmaids to carry, to prepare for some unexpected events. In addition, two weeks before the wedding you must not use all the features you've never used cosmetics, moisturizing cream, etc., because if in the event of an allergic reaction, within a short time is very difficult to recover.
Unexpected events: the wedding was drunk
 Tips: This is the wedding in case of high incidence, such as the face, do not hesitate to give them any excuse not to finding fault, immediately ask them to go back and rest as soon as possible, and send it as soon as a taxi or a new room on the sofa. Try to avoid drunken fights that occur in the wedding events, not to mention impossible, but in a high incidence of wedding situation. Also, if someone is drunk before the speech to try to use water or cold water bath (if time permits) to wake them. Do not let them drink coffee, because coffee drinking will only make people more excited and restless. Our proposal is that in planning a wedding during the wedding day for their own program to develop a table, and again before the wedding rehearsal, so it will not happen too much accident.