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New York-based wedding planner Marcy Blum

New York, creative wedding planner Marcy Blum
New York-based wedding planner Marcy Blum, has been with her unique style of creativity and new ideas famous wedding fashion. Let her share with us how to plan a perfect wedding is unforgettable.
New York-based wedding planner Marcy Blum
Q: Can you give us some of the recent wedding in the latest fashion elements?
A: More and more wedding couples will focus on the food arrangements, guests who wish to enjoy the food at the same time fully aware of the mutual exchange of fun. Some new guests even open up a new space - will enjoy a dessert, in this small gathering Cocktail Dresses, the guests stand or sit, sip the delicious cakes and pastries, while each pouring a wedding banquet happy feelings.
Q: pleasing color to the wedding to add more vitality to the recent wedding of the new people want to hold what colors can be used as the main colors it?
A: For a long time, full of colorful wedding unlimited energy to hold a dominant position. Now once again return to the pure color around us: pure white, white or champagne colors are the main people loved the new addition, they would choose bright scarlet or light blue as a bright white decoration.
Q: How to keep wedding fun, new people what you valuable suggestions?
A: You can create a strong visual effects to add fun wedding, for example: modeling exaggerated, highly expressive arts center of the table decoration, or changes in use of the indoor lighting is just a surprise admission of guests. Also, I love to arrange some very unexpected sideshow, for example: let service personnel disguised as guests into the wedding party will be wine Mother of The Bride Dresses, or dress up for the wedding singers wedding guests in a timely manner in the crowd singing a Qu. The use of these small ways, your wedding will become more quaint and passion.
Q: What matters in the wedding the bride who needs special care attention?
A: First, the wedding venue size and number of the table must be based on the number of guests arrived at the scene ready ahead of time; Secondly, the meal should provide wine, champagne, wine and beer, to meet the different preferences of the guests. Also, in my opinion the wedding does not have to supply the high price of beef and lamb, you can replace it with a delicious chicken or risotto with wild mushrooms as a staple food, and with a number of exotic salads and cheese. Held in the summer to prepare for the wedding couple, the outdoor barbecue is undoubtedly a great personality great choice.
Q: weddings, new people need to avoid what happened?
A: when the group photograph taken for the family and friends, Mini digital camera is difficult to capture all the details, then, the choice of professional camera to get a satisfactory picture. In addition, for those who arranged the wedding Bridesmaids Dresses dance part of the new people, although the two together to participate in dance training courses are very interesting things, but I do not want you to have prior to the design of each dance, because I do not think music sounded like to see a bride, the groom seeking only to count the sweat established dance steps, while ignoring the exchange with their own eyes.
Q: reveal to us some of your wedding preparation is the creative highlight of it?
A: This upcoming wedding, I will focus on preparing for the guests unique, memorable return, including specialized dedicated to the ladies of various sizes hand painted glass vase, as well as the shape of men ready to pay attention to the wine.
Q: What other interesting you have suggestions to share it with the bride?
A: The overall arrangements of the wedding must be well aware of. Specifically, it is your wedding planning should be more meticulous and thoughtful than usual, multi-family and guests from the other point of view of their things, wedding, attentive service, delicious food, warm atmosphere ?tend to give guests leave unforgettable memories, you will also amazed at the things he has done.
Blum Best Tips:
1, slow down time for cocktails before dinner if arranged at the welcome cocktail will be, you can introduce a New every 20 minutes of drinks, so you do not inform the guests over and over again taste the wine of the New .
2, flexible intelligence to the end if you want instead of by the friends and family on your wedding speech, it is best to inform the other party two weeks in advance and told how long he will speak at 3 minutes.
3, good time to remind the wedding the end of the extra fees to avoid paying, the best staff in your venue site before the end of lease time, half an hour notice to you.