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maj 04 2011 New York-based wedding planner Marcy Blum

New York, creative wedding planner Marcy Blum
New York-based wedding planner Marcy Blum, has been with her unique style of creativity and new ideas famous wedding fashion. Let her share with us how to plan a perfect wedding is unforgettable.
New York-based wedding planner Marcy Blum
Q: Can you give us some of the recent wedding in the latest fashion elements?
A: More and more wedding couples will focus on the food arrangements, guests who wish to enjoy the food at the same time fully aware of the mutual exchange of fun. Some new guests even open up a new space - will enjoy a dessert, in this small gathering Cocktail Dresses, the guests stand or sit, sip the delicious cakes and pastries, while each pouring a wedding banquet happy feelings.
Q: pleasing color to the wedding to add more vitality to the recent wedding of the new people want to hold what colors can be used as the main colors it?
A: For a long time, full of colorful wedding unlimited energy to hold a dominant position. Now once again return to the pure color around us: pure white, white or champagne colors are the main people loved the new addition, they would choose bright scarlet or light blue as a bright white decoration.
Q: How to keep wedding fun, new people what you valuable suggestions?
A: You can create a strong visual effects to add fun wedding, for example: modeling exaggerated, highly expressive arts center of the table decoration, or changes in use of the indoor lighting is just a surprise admission of guests. Also, I love to arrange some very unexpected sideshow, for example: let service personnel disguised as guests into the wedding party will be wine Mother of The Bride Dresses, or dress up for the wedding singers wedding guests in a timely manner in the crowd singing a Qu. The use of these small ways, your wedding will become more quaint and passion.
Q: What matters in the wedding the bride who needs special care attention?
A: First, the wedding venue size and number of the table must be based on the number of guests arrived at the scene ready ahead of time; Secondly, the meal should provide wine, champagne, wine and beer, to meet the different preferences of the guests. Also, in my opinion the wedding does not have to supply the high price of beef and lamb, you can replace it with a delicious chicken or risotto with wild mushrooms as a staple food, and with a number of exotic salads and cheese. Held in the summer to prepare for the wedding couple, the outdoor barbecue is undoubtedly a great personality great choice.
Q: weddings, new people need to avoid what happened?
A: when the group photograph taken for the family and friends, Mini digital camera is difficult to capture all the details, then, the choice of professional camera to get a satisfactory picture. In addition, for those who arranged the wedding Bridesmaids Dresses dance part of the new people, although the two together to participate in dance training courses are very interesting things, but I do not want you to have prior to the design of each dance, because I do not think music sounded like to see a bride, the groom seeking only to count the sweat established dance steps, while ignoring the exchange with their own eyes.
Q: reveal to us some of your wedding preparation is the creative highlight of it?
A: This upcoming wedding, I will focus on preparing for the guests unique, memorable return, including specialized dedicated to the ladies of various sizes hand painted glass vase, as well as the shape of men ready to pay attention to the wine.
Q: What other interesting you have suggestions to share it with the bride?
A: The overall arrangements of the wedding must be well aware of. Specifically, it is your wedding planning should be more meticulous and thoughtful than usual, multi-family and guests from the other point of view of their things, wedding, attentive service, delicious food, warm atmosphere ?tend to give guests leave unforgettable memories, you will also amazed at the things he has done.
Blum Best Tips:
1, slow down time for cocktails before dinner if arranged at the welcome cocktail will be, you can introduce a New every 20 minutes of drinks, so you do not inform the guests over and over again taste the wine of the New .
2, flexible intelligence to the end if you want instead of by the friends and family on your wedding speech, it is best to inform the other party two weeks in advance and told how long he will speak at 3 minutes.
3, good time to remind the wedding the end of the extra fees to avoid paying, the best staff in your venue site before the end of lease time, half an hour notice to you.

maj 03 2011 Bouquet usually by a single species of the...

Bouquet for the new holding is a major new decorated with flowers with flowers. Rich in style, with round, hanging type, triangle and other irregular shapes. General use of the main flower lily, rose, anthurium, bird of paradise, Orchid, Phalaenopsis, Oncidium, gladiolus, and so on. Allocation spent in stars, Qingren Cao, do not forget I'll wait. With loose leaf paper, aspartic, kidney leaf, Brazil Leaves, leaves, etc. octagonal gold plate.
Spent in production of packing tape when the first beaten the main beam, and then add in its periphery with flowers, with leaves, and finally with a number of sheets of plastic or paper wrapping paper wrapping paper flower stalk leaf stems, tied with a bow Cocktail Dresses, exposed flowers and leaves. Bouquet usually by a single species of the main flower, with flowers and leaves with the composition, there are 2-3 main flower varieties with flowers with a single species with leaves composed. Bouquet of style and size requirements and the new height and clothing coordination, body squat and volume those with small round bouquet, slender body type and those with large amount of sag in the bouquet, and the pursuit of fashion, irregular character of the new selection of bouquets can be selected. Bouquet comfortable grip handshake impose appropriate. Bouquet of color to a simple light system based. Best to make two beam bouquet, wedding bouquet for the shoot video, and the other for the wedding bouquet.
Flower decoration in the new breast. General use of the main flower Rose, Orchids, Phalaenopsis, etc., with spent in stars, Qingren Cao, forget-me-so, with leaves with asparagus, Wen Song, aspartate and so on. Production will be the main single flower, with flowers, with leaves of paper with green wire and tape dressing, avoid exposure to packaging materials, so as not to damage clothing and effects of visual impact. Corsage color and size, and new clothing to be coordinated with the body. Corsage pins generally fixed with 1-2 pieces of clothing, the requirements do not fall like docile. Corsage making 6 general, and both parents of the new one.
Kidney, shoulder flower, flower wrist
Were decorated in the bride's waist, shoulder, wrist flowers. Kidney, similar to the shoulder corsage flower production requirements. Kidney decorative triangular shaped layout Special Occasion Dresses, the shoulder was inverted triangular decorative flower arrangement. Wrist flower production requirements similar to the first flower, but the main bodies to use the amount of spent flowers, flowers made of strip after two to allow a hook, hook each other when they form a ring junction, easy to wear on the wrist.
New houses decorated with flowers
New houses decorated with flowers arranged in floral-based, and some prefer the form of oriental floral arrangement, flower arrangement and some like to use Western-style form of decoration, while others like to decorate with modern freestyle form of flower arrangement. But no matter what kind of flower forms, must be done with the room's decoration and furniture of the style of unity, with the room's space and the environment. The major areas of new houses decorated with flowers, including living room, study, bedroom, dining room for four.
Living room
The living room is the largest indoor space is the master of parlor, resting place. Should adopt Western-style floral forms. This form of flower arranging, with flowers larger number of rich colors, bright, able to create a warm, friendly atmosphere of hospitality. The main common bird of paradise flower, lily, anthurium, gladiolus, rose, Oncidium, Cattleya, Phalaenopsis and other flowers large, colorful, meaning a good floral materials. With flowers for the stars Bridesmaid Dresses, Qingren Cao, do not forget I'll wait. With leaves with a needle Kwai, Brazil Leaves, flag leaf, Mev, aspartate and so on.
For the rules of common geometric shapes, such as round, oval and so on. General layout of the central coffee table, coffee table of their total body mass the size of the area 1 / 4 is appropriate, communicate with each other without affecting the height of the line of sight as the standard. If the large living room, in addition to fresh flowers decorated the coffee table, but also in the corner or corner sofa, etc., arranged upright and triangular or L-type floral works.
Study is the master reading, and learning, space limited in scope, should be oriental floral arrangement. This style of flower arrangement, using flowers small, just a few pieces of flowers and accompanied by little green leaves, inserted in a traditional basin or bamboo, the can produce a better viewing.
Production of flowers used in the study, the first class of materials with the greenery, and sketched out the framework of an irregular triangle, the material used is water candles, Yin Liu, Kwai needles, pine, Prunus, etc., and then insert a few pieces of lily, chrysanthemum , taro, Fulang other main flower. Finally, small inflorescences with flowers and leaves and other pieces fill the gap Department. Modeling simple and clean, simple and elegant color, you can usually only 1-3 flowers. The top of the bookcase can also be arranged type of flower pot hanging with good results.
Bedroom space is relatively small, is the owner of a place to sleep, should be arranged floral oriental or modern freestyle. Oriental floral arrangement and study the basic layout of the same. Modern flower arrangement can be improvised freestyle, any shape, free with mosaic, or simply get the whole lily, rose, baby's breath and other insert vase, a single species with small leaves and appropriate. Color to white, powder elegant, Su Jie-based light-colored lines, avoid using yellow and red flowers Chromic avoid the excitement of sleep.
Dining table decorations are mainly arranged flowers. The owner or the table is for dining, the arrangement of flowers require no thorns, non-toxic, no pollen, no smell, no signs of pests and diseases. Should be accompanied by a few select natural flowers and green leaves can be inserted into a vial. Able to do so, more compact layout, with a white table cloth for bedding, put a few bottles of fine wines and a few tall glasses, decorated some of the bright color of fruit such as lemons, apples, grapes, etc., which together with flowers and green leaves, so that table setting unique.
Wedding flower decoration
High-end wedding flowers and decorations, including the door frame decorated banquet hall, the main table decoration, decorative columns banquet hall, banquet room wall decoration, layout, etc. Presiding over Wedding Ceremony podium.
Banquet hall door frame
Banquet hall is the entrance door, which decorated the guests will leave a bad first impression, therefore, must be decorated with frames. When the first production of glue or double-sided adhesive foam to wrap the flower mud or wood fixed in the wall, and then insert a single species, or varieties of flowers, leaves, and finally fill the gap at the mosaic Suixiao and covering flower mud. Width according to the size of the entrance, usually in the 20-30cm appropriate.
Main table
Central or general decorations at the dinner table the gap between the utensils and dishes Department. If the central table decoration, layout of a basin surrounded by concept, a more Western-style flower arranging low. If the gap between the utensils and dishes at the decoration ring with round or plum-type arrangement is appropriate. Production of aspartate or text when the first pine and other materials placed out of the leaf Suixiao design framework, the width according to the size of the desktop, the general control of about 10cm, and then inserted in its equidistant Orchids, roses, lilies and other flowers, Finally, baby's breath and other floral decorations, mosaic single suitable varieties can also be more mixed. Inside or outside the ring, to a large circular flower ornament made from the pattern. Requirements of the main table with flowers mentioned in the text of the table with the same flowers.
Banquet Hall columns
Sag-type arrangement with the way the flowers and leaves and fixed in the post. The site should be arranged in columns from the ground 3 / 4. Flat fixed in the first column on the vessel, inhalation of water into the flower mud, clay flower containers must be above the mouth of 10cm, and then inserted into the main floral and leaf drooping material, ptosis length of the column length of about 1 / 3 is appropriate . Finally, fill the flowers into the lobule, is also useful for containers rattan ring, making the lower half of the ring-type flowers droop. General decorative flowers on the pillars in the side, that is positive, but also on both sides, or even surrounded by all the decoration.
Banquet hall wall
And pillars decorated with flowers similar way, but the form can be a variety, straight composition, horizontal composition, the rules can be irregular, large body mass may be appropriate point, the number depending on the size according to the environment, ranging from 2 to number only .
Presiding over Wedding Ceremony podium
A spokesman for the platform is similar to the arrangement of conferences. Sag-type arrangement with practices. First flower of mud suction feet of water in containers or placed in plastic wrapping parcels, was drooping flowers and leaves into the timber type, requiring rich color, large volume, but the height should be controlled in the following Presiding over Wedding Ceremony face.

kwi 29 2011 Work from morning until the end of the dinner...

Wedding Raiders selected with the film division
At present, some people will want to get married in the end is not very clear what is the wedding with the film, the wedding is a cameraman with the film is not it? What is the difference between them it?
Wedding with the Raiders beat the selection of teachers to help you keep good time
 First, what is the wedding with the film
With the film seems to be popular in 2005, is different from the camera, mainly wedding day, photographers tracking shot. Generally is included in the wedding video services in the company, and photography is the need to please the other Cocktail Dresses. At present, most of the film are made with some of the photographers photographic studio to undertake this work. The past, our practice is to ask friends to help his camera pat. So let us look at with the film's meaning.
Second, the significance of the wedding with the film
Many in the West country, the family treasure to commemorate the wedding photos on the big wedding day are captured by the scene, as they capture precious documentary lens is the most natural outpouring of new people, but also one of the most memorable day of the new The most memorable moment of new life that is very beautiful moment! How many years you and your other half when I see these photos again, happy wedding day to show once again the scene to the scene in front of you. Please take a professional photographer is different from the unusual camera angles and techniques, in the recording process Bridesmaids Dresses, while being more concerned about the joy of romantic details. Re-use of digital technology is now very popular, the most stylish layout design, the wedding photos are also modified into the book, give you a complete wedding and future life of happiness has left most perfect souvenir. And a lot of new people have neglected this point, the couple's friends have non-professional digital camera, a lot of new friends and relatives to let the photos, there are also new is to ask your photographer, but did not and photographers to communicate did not communicate their ideas and photographers, the results back out of the film still not wholly satisfactory, so aware of the importance of wedding photography, even after a good exchange with your photographer, used his experience to give you good advice, so that interaction between them, the late film looks great! The most important thing is to shoot the wedding day something very much. This is a non-professional can not do, too late to shoot Prom Dresses. Therefore, the concept of your wedding day to change a good professional is very important with the film, years later you look at these photos, you will feel moved to share the real!
Third, the professional with the film and non-professional differences with the film:
Professional with the film
Advantages: work from morning until the end of the dinner. The work day is around new people, keep records of their most beautiful moment. Camera angles and delicate way. Can capture the details. Know how to approach focused through photography, grasp the actual situation.
Disadvantages: the cost of certain
Non-professional with the film
Advantages: almost no costs.
Cons: with the film is merely an idle moment in his reach for the camera by a few pops can not be followed throughout the day (including afternoon location), the general level of shooting. In particular, the dinner, due to the dim yellow light, non-professional photo shoot almost always ambiguous. And in non-stationary state, the non-professional can not be taken to clear the picture.
 Fourth, with the film's price
Generally between 2000-3000 yuan. The difference is 1, 2-pixel camera, photographers technology 3, post-consumer
Fifth, with the film content
To the bride's home the morning, shooting the bride make-up, and close friend, parent photo. After the whole follow, including the afternoon put together until the end of the dinner.