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Dazzling Girlfriend Sequined Sheath Dress
Just like a twinkling celebrity at night heavens, this specific breath-taking dark-colored evening costume capabilities tantalizing sheath silhouette completely following that line of your own curvy body. Spicy girlfriend neckline exactly most important ones that excellent bowtie design. Completely sequins carry sudden impact.
Enjoyable Strapless Striped A-line Clothes
Just what a good eye-catching graphic! This specific exciting strapless minuscule bash costume is actually characterised through expensive striped hourglass bodice embellished by using sizzling sequins finding and catching out perception initially. Moreover, it flatters enchanting little princess silhouette Formal Dresses enhancing your own noble fragrance.
Pleated Spaghetti Column Official Put on
This specific enchanting heavens orange chiffon evening costume makes us feel happy in addition to laid back. It really is accented by using glowing hand-beaded higher waist linked through vintage spaghetti straps. Incorporating within a lot more glamorous fragrance, that expensive pleated aspect continues to be used towards regular column describe clothes.
Shiny Girlfriend A-line Evening Costume
This specific pure white taffeta prom official put on could make you glimpse a genuine sizzling plate. What's exclusive sets in the spicy girlfriend neckline then magic beaded twisted higher stomach. It really is highlighted by using pleated A-line silhouette skirt giving any amorous success.
Stylish Spaghetti Pleated Column Dark-colored Put on
This specific voluptuary dark-colored taffeta evening costume completely echos your own sexy lure in addition to exclusive bracelets. Starting from slim spaghetti straps get in touch that V-cut demolish spot. Film lace-detailed higher stomach flatters contrasting pink bowtie sash. It really is complete by using expensive pleated column describe skirt within full-length.
Lovely Strapless A-line Quinceanera Clothes
It really is any banquet to some of our face. This specific modern strapless quinceanera costume is principally fabricated by using heavy silk enhancing your own noble taste dressale.com. Stylish flower embroidery embellishment is seen to be a doing some fishing touching. Amazing little princess silhouette offers us another measurement feeling.
Strapless Dotted A-line Knee-length Clothes
Add this specific enchanting strapless knee-length dress for a wardrobe for any bash months. Fabricated by using dotted taffeta, exclusive design waistband mounts expensive fragrance. It really is characterised through vintage A-line silhouette skirt making you appear to be any quite little princess within your unique occasion.
Dainty Girlfriend Pick-up A-line Plum Clothes
It really is absolutely a good eye-catching graphic. Radiant sweep-length plum taffeta quinceanera put on flatters lovely ruched hourglass bodice by using fragile flower appliqued girlfriend neckline featuring any spicy glimpse. What’s a lot more, pick-up design A-line describe skirt wearing made by hand flower offers a perfect ending.
Plunging Halter Top rated Sheath Dark-colored Clothes
Musing about it of an sexy Cinderella within fairy memories? Good this specific fantastic dark-colored taffeta costume could make it actual. Expensive turndown halter design neckline then contrasting plum stomach scarves any knot from backside exactly please your own lovely taste. Voluptuary sheath describe exactly exhibits off every curves of one's body.
Cinderella Halter Neck of the guitar Sheath Sweet 16 Dresses
That spectacular impact connected with exciting halter neckline uncovers modern style design in addition to declares you're any lovely in addition to glamorous lady. Featuring fascinating sheath describe, the center slit produces any spectacular impact. Incorporating within expensive fragrance, that design sweep-length bowtie sash continues to be used.
Purple V-neck Column Chiffon Put on
Coordinating any dreamlike bolero coat by using elbow-length sleeves, this specific feminine full-length purple chiffon evening clothes flatters lovely ruched V-shaped neckline wearing shiny broach details. Characterised through form-fitted column describe, cascading ruffled pendant mounts bracelets in addition to glamour.

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maj 17 2011 Dreamy V-neck Column Chiffon Put on

Casual Spaghetti Column Chiffon Put on
Any puff connected with amorous monsoon happens because of this dreamlike full-length chiffon evening clothes. Glowing flower beaded spaghetti straps in addition to higher stomach exactly most important ones that spicy curvy demolish. Right column silhouette is principally tailor-made available for you hugging determine, glamorous lady.
Sizzling Jewel Neck of the guitar Sequined Column Clothes
This specific completely sequined evening costume will stun in addition to flatter any one which occurs around it. Essentially the most exciting spot is situated in the expensive beaded jewel neckline giving any lovely glimpse. Featuring fantastic column describe skirt which has a side slit, dreamlike uncovered backside makes any amorous declaration.
Beaded Girlfriend A-line Quinceanera Formal Dresses
Stylish one-piece, sweep-length quinceanera costume capabilities well-lined in addition to boned corset bodice by using fascinating girlfriend neckline, skillful flower appliques ornament is actually icing to the cake. It really is characterised through regular little princess silhouette skirt possessing dreamy beaded organza overlay.
Rakish Halter Top rated Mermaid Dark-colored Dress
Today's Cinderella occurs in to watch because of this sexy dark-colored taffeta evening costume. Stickup ruffled halter neckline by using sexy amenable backside uncovers modern style design. Characterised through spicy mermaid silhouette, flowing chiffon sweep-length teach mounts expensive fragrance towards design.
Deft Spaghetti Sequined Bubble Clothes
Nonetheless disturbing within the up coming bash? Only spend your own extraneous stress towards atmosphere. This specific rakish minuscule prom costume flatters vintage spaghetti straps relating that glowing completely sequined hourglass bodice by using yummy uncovered backside. Enchanting ruched bubble describe skirt produces any spectacular impact dressale.com.
Vintage Spaghetti Straps A-line Reddish colored Chiffon Clothes
It really is excellent with regard to sexy in addition to glamorous lady you. Eye-popping reddish colored chiffon official put on records peerless spaghetti straps relating that a little bit ruched higher bodice. In addition to, amorous little princess silhouette skirt offers any marvelous getaway. Excellent coatings right here!
Fluffy Sole Shoulder Sheath Pink Dress
That exclusive style of this specific feminine pink chiffon evening costume exits in the one particular expensive shoulder neckline within tilted approach accenting that ruched higher bodice embellished by using fragile flower brooch details. Voluptuary sheath silhouette carefully hugs your own slender body suggesting you any lovely lady.
Purple Strapless Pick-up A-line Clothes
Only organic nonetheless clearly fresh, this specific beautiful strapless purple taffeta quinceanera costume is actually embellished by using processed flower embroidery in the spicy hourglass bodice featuring any lovely glimpse. It capabilities pick-up design A-line silhouette Mother of The Bride Dresses accented through dreamlike organza arrangement.
Pick-up Strapless A-line Quinceanera Clothes
This specific understated nonetheless dainty strapless quinceanera costume is principally fabricated within shiny fuchsia & pale yellow taffeta giving any noble excellent. Embellished by using skillful flower embroidery, it records pick-up design little princess describe skirt possessing simple seep-length teach to be a excellent ending.
Dreamy V-neck Column Chiffon Put on
Just like a famous diva, this specific happening reddish colored chiffon prom official clothes capabilities regular column silhouette appearing you slim in addition to slender determine. Essentially the most exclusive issue is composed in the expensive V-shaped neckline by using amorous sleeves wearing lovely flower beads.
Chic Halter Top rated Pleated A-line Striped Put on
Would like to try some thing exciting or maybe fresh? Then consider this specific eye-catching striped taffeta official clothes. Featuring stylish halter design neckline signifies you're any lovely in addition to glamorous lady in the quite occasion. Incorporating within expensive flavour, that pleated design continues to be used towards A-line skirt.

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maj 04 2011 When the flower shop employees sent the wrong...

Wedding teach you to do the most unexpected stabilization of the bride
For every bride, the most terrible thing was discovered before the wedding and accidentally soiled his wedding, or worse, is that childhood dream of high heels snapped the perfect wedding is every bride dream
In order to own a decent performance at a wedding, do not worry, I'll offer tips for wedding planning to remove these small accidents.
 Unexpected events: When the flower shop employees sent the wrong flowers, do not know what to do, stay calm!
Tip: The first asked him to return to the shop for you to find a solution Formal Dresses. If they can not timely remedy, so that a reliable friend or relative call was able to think of all the flower shop. I believe the problem when they know when you will be and make every effort to help you and put your needs first. If the shop can not be delivered to your door, let the receptionist on the shop pick up the venue. If not enough time to the menu or the orchid flowers rose in her hand to the red carpet, so will look unique and elegant.
Emergencies: In the wedding sprinkled the orange juice, red wine, or get in the veil on the lipstick on, then how to do ah?
Tips: wine or champagne stains on the overflow should be dealt with immediately following the wedding towel pad, scrub with white vinegar or washing, then dry with absorbent paper so as not to leave a mark. If other fruit juices Mother of The Bride Dresses, can be carefully drawn with a dry cloth. Get lipstick on a dress if it is immediately with a dry cloth or paper towel from the bottom gently wipe with a damp paper towel in to the less obvious or can be prepared until the white chalk, colored with chalk on the traces can be made less obvious.
Emergencies: float late country?
Tips: I believe in addition to your family and close friends that no one will see you outside of which car to sit, so you can start with a drive to family or friends counterparts. In theory, after the wedding should be in the car waiting outside the hotel, the driver will appear at this time I'm sorry, but you will save a lot of money. If the car has not been there, continue to find a good car to open to the guests let you take a ride back. If you want to choose a more perfect approach to avoid the occurrence of above embarrassment, let your friends do not mean those lavish show their good car.
Emergencies: road traffic conditions are always uncertain, is likely to affect the entire process of the day traffic jam!
Tips: Call ahead to the hotel and friends rushed to prepare questions to explain what happened, so that the measures they want a good deal. Best advance the day before the wedding and the hotel Goutong timing may occur, and advance understanding of where the road construction. Traditionally Bridesmaids Dresses, the bride will always be late, even a little bit, but do not take risks. Arrival time set aside, or even take time to become familiar route.
 Emergencies: For the weather problem, and sometimes even the astronomers can not predict how can you predict it!
Tips: You must prepare a larger umbrella. In particular, a great wedding skirt, that will require larger, if there are golf-specific umbrella at home the better. Meanwhile, in order to protect your shoes, you might as well let the groom back to the dry place, or simply give up the image of being put on rain boots, this approach most effective, as long as I remember them in front of the hotel into the off.
Unexpected events: the day, the bride must be very tired, so will inevitably occur heel twist to the embarrassment of a broken foot!
Tips: No one is willing to walk in the field limping? Therefore, the best choice for good quality shoes, the heel should not be too high, but if you break a heel is really how to do? More preparation before the wedding and wedding matched pairs of high heels, even if do not have to panic broken heel, the skirt can make it all not to be found in any person, quietly put on the prepared another pair on it.
Emergencies: Food is very bad
Tips: For such an important occasion you should know in advance where the food taste or, at least it makes you understand the standards there, even if the chef occasionally missed time. Of course, this is also remuneration paid by you on, I believe that the hotel guests were told the name from the moment in relation to understand where the dishes should make any kind of expectations. If you encounter special circumstances, the food is cool, will sell bad or component is too small, let your best man or his family once a complaint. Make improvements if it was too late, let the hotel hold a free party gorgeous buffet as compensation.
Unexpected events: allergic reaction
Tips: Anyway, the wedding day is best to prepare some medicine. If you have asthma, be sure to wear a respirator. Kits to help you make your bridesmaids to carry, to prepare for some unexpected events. In addition, two weeks before the wedding you must not use all the features you've never used cosmetics, moisturizing cream, etc., because if in the event of an allergic reaction, within a short time is very difficult to recover.
Unexpected events: the wedding was drunk
 Tips: This is the wedding in case of high incidence, such as the face, do not hesitate to give them any excuse not to finding fault, immediately ask them to go back and rest as soon as possible, and send it as soon as a taxi or a new room on the sofa. Try to avoid drunken fights that occur in the wedding events, not to mention impossible, but in a high incidence of wedding situation. Also, if someone is drunk before the speech to try to use water or cold water bath (if time permits) to wake them. Do not let them drink coffee, because coffee drinking will only make people more excited and restless. Our proposal is that in planning a wedding during the wedding day for their own program to develop a table, and again before the wedding rehearsal, so it will not happen too much accident.

maj 03 2011 The success of a wedding and it is closely...

6 big fashion color word at the head wedding LOOK
 The success of a wedding and it is closely related to wedding planning, tired of the monotony of welcome background, tired of the ordinary fabric with floral and theme of the wedding has become the eyes of young "new darling." Unknowingly to the wedding color theme hurricane whipped up a trend, what color or what style is more affected by your favor it?
 Look1: pure white wedding fashion
Both a traditional white wedding colors, but also a timeless classic colors. Transparent in a warm and natural conception, the elegant, noble, fashion, personality, aesthetic interpretation is enjoy. Pure white wedding is a holy symbol, the blue sky Formal Dresses, fragrant flowers, in front of family friends, the promise of promise for life ?
From the invitations to the flowers have the option of a white tone, wallpaper and select the noble ivory chair cover, chair hung a white rose, highlights the elegant and stylish atmosphere. The groom wearing a light-colored dress, the bride selected a white dress with lace embroidery trailing embellishment, just like in the fairy tale prince and princess. White carpet leading to the sacred witness table, put both sides of the Roman column decorated with white flowers, bathed in soft sunlight, surrounded by flowers new trend in happiness.
Forever Love Praise of Love in series
White theme for the wedding held in the hot summer, to bring you a cool mood. Ceremony in the church, or more natural areas, indoor and outdoor banquet can be more. Forever Love Praise of Love is the theme of a white wedding in series, original price of 10,798 yuan, special offers, only 5,388 yuan during the month, including room layout of the hotel and free rent wedding dress one. Would like to host a beautiful pure white theme wedding couple ordered to seize the time this set of lines it.
Look2: blooming life's green wedding
Spring green showing to the vitality of nature, elegant yet calm, passion yet inconspicuous. Everything is starting in the spring on behalf of a green theme Select the most appropriate to the wedding Flower Girl Dresses
. Green and white is the perfect combination of color in wedding fashion.
Has become a highlight floral fragrance new grade card, innocent case of bright green, white, fresh and vibrant atmosphere of wells, natural pleasure, full of vitality so that the whole wedding. White roses, and calla lilies are a good choice decorate the scene. Symbol of the sweet green cake, green card, a symbol of joy eternal symbol of thriving green plants, a perfect wedding themselves freely and both are from the details of the embodiment of just the right mix of fine to make your wedding vibrant.
360 The Wizard of Oz Package
Green theme wedding is the best season of spring, rebirth, born in spring, everything in the re-start. 360 Wizard of Oz in series in this season of new life held on behalf of the wedding the best green theme, live professional wedding consultant team, creative exquisite floral arrangements, photographer, senior master of ceremonies, the original price 16,420 yuan, at current prices only 9988 dollars. Another held that the lawn Xiaobian wedding, ocean beach wedding theme will be more green are back pure, feeling close to nature, oh.
 Look3: Dream brilliant purple wedding
Reveals the elegant purple, with a trace of fantasy and mystery, a touch of purple, pale flowers, exudes the feeling of quiet. Purple wedding does not need too much decoration, a light feeling good. Elegant and romantic couples might like to do a beautiful and mysterious purple theme wedding.
Road can be cited and the bride's bouquet lilac Quinceanera Dresses, lavender, purple and purple tulips and other floral materials. Cakes using the same purple as the keynote, so the sweet spot emitting a strong smell. Is the whole wedding dress with the focus, the choice of surface material forging pearl luster, a group of Jiaoqiao "purple" against the backdrop of their bridesmaids, the bride wore a white wedding dress is even more dazzling.
Wedding table and chair areas in purple silk tie, ceiling and stage background Shaman purple cloth, purple silk ceremony area with the walls decorated ceremony area, purple lavender, tulips come as a decoration, silk and Shaman The combination of increased field of mystery, luxury and extraordinary for the whole wedding.
Colorful love life wedding
Unlike other color purple wedding theme, the four seasons. Choice in the selection of relatively spacious banquet hall out of the hall layout will be luxurious and extraordinary results oh. Gorgeous wedding love life in series with the purple theme, wedding flower arrangement district-wide, three sets of wedding day with beautiful dresses, senior makeup artist with full makeup and other intimate quality of service, original price 5,688 yuan, 4,688 yuan at current prices only.
 Look4: retro luxury golden wedding
Retro golden wedding was the popular highlights of this season, in addition to gold background, site selection, stage design, wallpaper, floral, tableware, etc., require careful design. The match is also very particular about color, generally white, orange, champagne with the best.
Main stage backdrop is to present the best elements of the magnificent results, paste paper or sprayed with gold lacquer gold, sparkled with the whole scene. Ceiling crystal lamp can be used to create a white gauze and the feeling of the Galaxy, noble, gentle nature itself and the whole wedding.
Rose gold is still the main element of the wedding, but abandoned the monotony of the red and white rose, orange flower balls become the biggest bright spot, the use of sunflower as a secondary floral materials. Can serve as a bride holding flowers, it can be the main stage, decorated with some of the best sequins sprinkled on top, so take the ball with glittering effect.
The choice of the bride in the wedding, led by the long tail, highlighting an international atmosphere full of elegance, color to white, milk color is appropriate. Choose the bride dress suit is the best choice.
Helen Golden Age Wedding Package
Brilliant golden symbol of love, on behalf of the harvest in the fall of the gold held in a creative theme of a wedding is the most appropriate. Golden wedding for the site selection is the most important choice for a European-style hotel with crystal chandeliers and transparent windows better, so that the whole wedding is like in the middle of the magnificent palace. In Ex only 6,388 yuan during the month, Helen golden wedding theme to help you complete the ultimate dream wedding.
Look5: refreshing blue wedding
Broad expanse of the sky is blue, endless sea is blue, blue has been used as a symbol of freedom, give people a fresh and refined beauty. To add some blue to your wedding, so everything is so romantic beginning.
The site chosen was in a hotel patio or swimming pool, the time course in the summer is appropriate. Blue, inspired by the blue sea, invitations to join the marine elements, such as printed on the shells, starfish and the like for decoration patterns. Site can be covered with a blue back and made of tulle canopy, like exposure to blue sky between. Best tropical flowers orchids, green Cymbidium flowers bouquet, white orchid hair, the table is composed of a rich variety of tropical orchids, floral center. Wedding choose simple lines and lightweight fabrics will not be too heavy. Groom dress in black, white can be.
Blue Love Love Jam Package
Blue represents a new beginning, it can bring good luck and wisdom, held a summer best. Everything is set for the case of the blue to move to the beach wedding will be more wonderful. Long coastline, white sandy beaches, you can then ask a few guitar accompaniment for the ceremony, such a scene make you think of the "Summer Meme tea" in the fragments of it. Love Jam Love Blue Package Price 5,500 yuan, 3880 yuan at current prices, to help you create stylish, avant-garde blue wedding.
 Look6: the traditional red wedding noble
In recent years, the influence by Western culture, Western-style wedding pattern of gradually, sometimes think that it will be some tacky red layout, is not the case, the use of good red, focus on the harmonization of the scene and details of the arrangement, will highlight the beautiful, noble style. Chinese elements with a wedding ceremony to add a grand sense of the whole, but also by the elders like it. Paved the scene of festivity and generous Chinese red carpet, both stylish and generous. Tablecloths, chair covers to keep warm red tone. Instant publicity and warm red passion ignited the audience to fully mobilize the Philippines emotions. Of course red is the atmosphere also need enough light to highlight and contrast. Flower arrangement of red roses or a mouthwatering choice, crystal clear bead curtain, the ball will field full of flowers decorate the abnormal glow, at first glance seem to make you feel like being in the fire of the sea. Recommended the bride and groom dress, Chinese, and the whole wedding pavilions.
Hi mother TDP Dream Package
Red said fashion and passion, in the colors of winter depression tend to hold a warm and romantic red theme wedding, will let the presence of friends and family are extremely amazing. Whether in the luxurious Grand Ballroom, or the small room is very elegant apply. Hi mother wedding company originality of the elite team for you in a rich and unconventional arrangement of red festive wedding, original price 7880 yuan, 5880 yuan for ex-gratia only during the month.

kwi 29 2011 Wedding cost a large inventory

French romantic style wedding cost a large inventory of
Wedding dress, wedding rings, family and friends, and so other assorted dinner expenses, labor trouble do not say, but also "a waste of money", marriage really is not easy to do! However, we do not have to do is easy, but also good, Who is "the most beautiful day of life," too! We see how the views of people in marriage, and what are their coup wedding day do both the fire was lively, but also try to stay in the way there are several sub-child do?
"We want to fashion a pastoral romantic wedding!"
Anna and François in the town to do a simple yet distinctive style wedding. As for the cost of the wedding, the two new budget plan with their parents in equal shares, "which can make us feel like there is no exposure to the wedding outside," Anna said. Francois's parents had borrowed from the mayor, roof, carpet, tables and chairs. Wedding day, the workers they hired a waiter in town, also invited several villagers responsible for the roasted whole lamb. Both mother and the couple personally prepared a delicious buffet
Formal Dresses, wine and champagne is the wine cellar directly from the local to take over. In the end, parents Tournament Francois under the windmill, and accompanied by the beautiful sound came the music, enticing smell of roast lamb, the cost is not high fashion wedding pastoral, simple but very romantic!
The cost of marriage in the past most of the French paid by the parents, which is about the Chinese people's habits. But now, the situation is somewhat different. "Late marriage" almost became the world's fashion trends, get married before the age of 30 is very difficult to find in France. In this way, already have the economic capacity of a certain couple, can pay part of their costs, but not totally dependent on parents. However, there has been a tradition has not changed, it is the bride's parents must be carefully selected for their daughter a wedding dress, never stingy on the money.
Typically, both men and women in France to their needs during the wedding affordable as follows: woman: beauty styling, car rental, flower girl apparel, photographer; man: The groom dress, bridal bouquet, honeymoon, wedding rings. In addition, each responsible for their guests. Other expenses in equal shares.
The wedding of their parents house
If the parents plenty of space at home, and are willing to devote to their, then, saving the cost of hiring down. However, the wedding at home to do some of the carpet will need to rent furniture, sheds, etc. wedding Prom Dresses、necessary facilities, so in fact spent a lot of money. Abysse-rception for Paris and its surrounding areas within 100 km range can accommodate 100 people shed, rug and lighting facilities. Price: € 2,217 (TTC). In addition, the walls decorated 688 euros, 370 euros tables and chairs. Dishwashing according to a different level of price from 279 euros to 1,800 euros per. In so doing, does not include tablecloths, floral decoration and banquet, assume that the medium price range selected tableware cleaning, at least 4,000 euros.
To rent out the wedding venue, the cost will be relatively expensive. Paris, well known high prices, the prices of other provinces also have high and low, but we can still find relatively cheap and satisfying venue: Mali Zi has a perfect wedding venue can accommodate around 90 people, dinner 500 euros, 300 euros lunch. Yiluo Di, and let in Brittany's wedding, dinner € 1600, luncheon 500 euros.
Emily's parents in Brittany have a big, beautiful house, but they decided to spend money to rent space to their daughter the wedding. Meander by the groom's mother Julian very satisfied with the wedding Sweet 16 Dresses, she said: "We are two in the process of preparing for the wedding, has been very understanding and harmonious. Although for some reason, I did not personally participate in time past, but I just did no exposure to things outside. You see, they discuss everything and I very much respect my opinion. Emily's mother to find a suitable venue and a restaurant owner to immediately contact me, let me select the dishes with her . I do not only buy the candy, but also a small basket of hand-compiled a wedding. As for champagne, two children at home, organized a wine tasting, let's work together to determine in what the wedding. "invited a total of 90 wedding guests both men and women of the family responsible for its own costs of invited guests of the restaurant, and the rest in equal shares, the final average of spending per person is 200 euros.
Americans used to hire a professional wedding planner in marriage, and this new way is also more and more French people to accept. Especially for busy people who work, both to make them worry less laborious, but also improve the quality of the wedding, it is fully staffed. Wedding company "happiness fairy" (LES FEES DU BONHNEUR) Amado wedding planner told us that the company not only host large wedding, even a small wedding of 60 people they still will try our best to put it well. Wedding planner wedding costs account for about 10% of total expenditure, they and their parents in full compliance with the wishes of new wedding planning organizations, and close supervision of the wedding to ensure its smooth conduct, so that the couple really has a "life the most beautiful day. "
Janice is a typical American girl, in her French boyfriend proposed to her, she came across the sea to the land of her strange. However, the real problem here: the French culture, customs, and even the language she was not very understanding in marriage is really difficult for her. So she spent 4,000 euros from the "happiness fairy" the company brought in Amado, all problems are solved. Happy Janice said: "Thanks, Ms. Amado, not only planning a beautiful wedding, but let me reduce the language to communicate with her in-laws pressure, so I can make a relaxed and happy bride, properly Enjoy this long-awaited day! "Netenviesde-mariage.com: the scale of 100 wedding contractors, and more than 200 bottles of the wedding banquet, wedding meal according to the selected level, the price range is divided into 8000 to 20,000 euros.
Sporadic substantial costs
Although the details of all aspects of the wedding expenses can afford, but if you add up all the money is still very surprising. With a size of 100 wedding fashion, for example, the cost of the project must include:
Coup to save money
Wedding and bridal make-up: to buy cheap store Tati mariage wedding budget only 150-300 euros; or you can go to rent a wedding dress bridal salon. As for the bridal makeup, it is recommended to contact Beauty School (cole de coiffure et d'esthtique).
Wedding invitations: do it yourself of course! You can go to the big stationery shop to buy the special paper for their favorite creation.
Wedding site: You can rent a city hall, or you can arrange the wedding relatively light in March and April, the price will be lower than the peak season.
Banquet: essential wine on the wedding, you can go directly to the wineries to buy.
Venue Decoration: can go online to look at, they sell all kinds of online wedding decorations and wedding supplies. As for flowers, floral school can go to look at the (cole de fleuriste).
Photographer and music performances: first consider whether there are all kinds of capable friends to show their talents, and they will be happy to help solve the problem