Archiwum kwiecień 2011

kwi 29 2011 The youthful breath blowing

Striped shirt with a classic shirt with vertical stripes

Vertical striped shirt with intellectual condescension restrain proud cowboy series, set to show a sense of vitality! Self-cultivation, whether conventional black and white striped shirt or a paragraph loose colorful vertical striped shirt, jeans coupled with a single product, the youthful breath blowing!

Very common black and white vertical striped shirt commuter section, choose a very simple lower body worn denim shorts. Coupled with the wide bracelets, highlights the MM's personality, this should be black and white vertical striped shirt intellectual change in order to actually feel the metal!

Vertical stripes with a red shirt, though are a cowboy with a single product, can give the feeling is different.

Red vertical striped shirt loose black tape inside the ride, free of the beam in the tight narrow leg jeans inside, to create a neat sense of youth. The flange with the denim shorts, exposing the shirt after the round pendulum, coupled with sandals sunglasses, is a common summer dress, brings a refreshing cool good impression.

kwi 29 2011 Tired of the monotony of the wedding

Sir Shoubashoujiao new people to a wedding fashion
Tired of the monotony of the wedding colors and wedding ceremony, have not thought about a jazz interpretation of a style of wedding, marriage is still Xiaobian below to see relevant content to bring you, so you have a different kind, unforgettable wedding life .
To a new jazz style wedding
Vivid colors, bright yellow and soft red-brown blend Evening Dresses, woven into a bright JAZZ, creating an intimate wedding atmosphere.
Napkin flower
Fold the napkin into the shape of calla lily, calla lily and ivy leaves, yellow flowers composed of napkins, then use the yellow bead into the napkin ring fixed.
 Candle Cup
Grab beads is an interesting tradition of Carnival in New Orleans. Green and yellow glass beads with decorative green candle cup, so jazz style everywhere.
Holding flowers
Bright yellow calla lily, and a string of green beads embedded in the bouquet ring surface Special Occasion Dresses, like a shining diamond
Modulation of juice and whiskey cocktail made of reddish-brown, with yellow orange cup for hanging decorations, and wedding theme echoes.
 Wedding cake
The top tier cake decorated yellow calla lily, and the following two white orchids decorated the cake knife decorated with yellow ribbons on the handle Bridesmaid Dresses, yellow and white calla lily on the cake with just right.
Sign in thin
Thin handmade sign in the above picture is reproduced bride favorite posters out, every guest and write down the couple best wishes.
Handsome sax player blowing in the cocktail hour for guests exotic music.
Couple gave each guest a present in return is a CD ROM - which burned the Jazz are the new favorite song, and all the guests they are willing to share their love of music.

kwi 29 2011 Work from morning until the end of the dinner...

Wedding Raiders selected with the film division
At present, some people will want to get married in the end is not very clear what is the wedding with the film, the wedding is a cameraman with the film is not it? What is the difference between them it?
Wedding with the Raiders beat the selection of teachers to help you keep good time
 First, what is the wedding with the film
With the film seems to be popular in 2005, is different from the camera, mainly wedding day, photographers tracking shot. Generally is included in the wedding video services in the company, and photography is the need to please the other Cocktail Dresses. At present, most of the film are made with some of the photographers photographic studio to undertake this work. The past, our practice is to ask friends to help his camera pat. So let us look at with the film's meaning.
Second, the significance of the wedding with the film
Many in the West country, the family treasure to commemorate the wedding photos on the big wedding day are captured by the scene, as they capture precious documentary lens is the most natural outpouring of new people, but also one of the most memorable day of the new The most memorable moment of new life that is very beautiful moment! How many years you and your other half when I see these photos again, happy wedding day to show once again the scene to the scene in front of you. Please take a professional photographer is different from the unusual camera angles and techniques, in the recording process Bridesmaids Dresses, while being more concerned about the joy of romantic details. Re-use of digital technology is now very popular, the most stylish layout design, the wedding photos are also modified into the book, give you a complete wedding and future life of happiness has left most perfect souvenir. And a lot of new people have neglected this point, the couple's friends have non-professional digital camera, a lot of new friends and relatives to let the photos, there are also new is to ask your photographer, but did not and photographers to communicate did not communicate their ideas and photographers, the results back out of the film still not wholly satisfactory, so aware of the importance of wedding photography, even after a good exchange with your photographer, used his experience to give you good advice, so that interaction between them, the late film looks great! The most important thing is to shoot the wedding day something very much. This is a non-professional can not do, too late to shoot Prom Dresses. Therefore, the concept of your wedding day to change a good professional is very important with the film, years later you look at these photos, you will feel moved to share the real!
Third, the professional with the film and non-professional differences with the film:
Professional with the film
Advantages: work from morning until the end of the dinner. The work day is around new people, keep records of their most beautiful moment. Camera angles and delicate way. Can capture the details. Know how to approach focused through photography, grasp the actual situation.
Disadvantages: the cost of certain
Non-professional with the film
Advantages: almost no costs.
Cons: with the film is merely an idle moment in his reach for the camera by a few pops can not be followed throughout the day (including afternoon location), the general level of shooting. In particular, the dinner, due to the dim yellow light, non-professional photo shoot almost always ambiguous. And in non-stationary state, the non-professional can not be taken to clear the picture.
 Fourth, with the film's price
Generally between 2000-3000 yuan. The difference is 1, 2-pixel camera, photographers technology 3, post-consumer
Fifth, with the film content
To the bride's home the morning, shooting the bride make-up, and close friend, parent photo. After the whole follow, including the afternoon put together until the end of the dinner.

kwi 29 2011 Wedding cost a large inventory

French romantic style wedding cost a large inventory of
Wedding dress, wedding rings, family and friends, and so other assorted dinner expenses, labor trouble do not say, but also "a waste of money", marriage really is not easy to do! However, we do not have to do is easy, but also good, Who is "the most beautiful day of life," too! We see how the views of people in marriage, and what are their coup wedding day do both the fire was lively, but also try to stay in the way there are several sub-child do?
"We want to fashion a pastoral romantic wedding!"
Anna and François in the town to do a simple yet distinctive style wedding. As for the cost of the wedding, the two new budget plan with their parents in equal shares, "which can make us feel like there is no exposure to the wedding outside," Anna said. Francois's parents had borrowed from the mayor, roof, carpet, tables and chairs. Wedding day, the workers they hired a waiter in town, also invited several villagers responsible for the roasted whole lamb. Both mother and the couple personally prepared a delicious buffet
Formal Dresses, wine and champagne is the wine cellar directly from the local to take over. In the end, parents Tournament Francois under the windmill, and accompanied by the beautiful sound came the music, enticing smell of roast lamb, the cost is not high fashion wedding pastoral, simple but very romantic!
The cost of marriage in the past most of the French paid by the parents, which is about the Chinese people's habits. But now, the situation is somewhat different. "Late marriage" almost became the world's fashion trends, get married before the age of 30 is very difficult to find in France. In this way, already have the economic capacity of a certain couple, can pay part of their costs, but not totally dependent on parents. However, there has been a tradition has not changed, it is the bride's parents must be carefully selected for their daughter a wedding dress, never stingy on the money.
Typically, both men and women in France to their needs during the wedding affordable as follows: woman: beauty styling, car rental, flower girl apparel, photographer; man: The groom dress, bridal bouquet, honeymoon, wedding rings. In addition, each responsible for their guests. Other expenses in equal shares.
The wedding of their parents house
If the parents plenty of space at home, and are willing to devote to their, then, saving the cost of hiring down. However, the wedding at home to do some of the carpet will need to rent furniture, sheds, etc. wedding Prom Dresses、necessary facilities, so in fact spent a lot of money. Abysse-rception for Paris and its surrounding areas within 100 km range can accommodate 100 people shed, rug and lighting facilities. Price: € 2,217 (TTC). In addition, the walls decorated 688 euros, 370 euros tables and chairs. Dishwashing according to a different level of price from 279 euros to 1,800 euros per. In so doing, does not include tablecloths, floral decoration and banquet, assume that the medium price range selected tableware cleaning, at least 4,000 euros.
To rent out the wedding venue, the cost will be relatively expensive. Paris, well known high prices, the prices of other provinces also have high and low, but we can still find relatively cheap and satisfying venue: Mali Zi has a perfect wedding venue can accommodate around 90 people, dinner 500 euros, 300 euros lunch. Yiluo Di, and let in Brittany's wedding, dinner € 1600, luncheon 500 euros.
Emily's parents in Brittany have a big, beautiful house, but they decided to spend money to rent space to their daughter the wedding. Meander by the groom's mother Julian very satisfied with the wedding Sweet 16 Dresses, she said: "We are two in the process of preparing for the wedding, has been very understanding and harmonious. Although for some reason, I did not personally participate in time past, but I just did no exposure to things outside. You see, they discuss everything and I very much respect my opinion. Emily's mother to find a suitable venue and a restaurant owner to immediately contact me, let me select the dishes with her . I do not only buy the candy, but also a small basket of hand-compiled a wedding. As for champagne, two children at home, organized a wine tasting, let's work together to determine in what the wedding. "invited a total of 90 wedding guests both men and women of the family responsible for its own costs of invited guests of the restaurant, and the rest in equal shares, the final average of spending per person is 200 euros.
Americans used to hire a professional wedding planner in marriage, and this new way is also more and more French people to accept. Especially for busy people who work, both to make them worry less laborious, but also improve the quality of the wedding, it is fully staffed. Wedding company "happiness fairy" (LES FEES DU BONHNEUR) Amado wedding planner told us that the company not only host large wedding, even a small wedding of 60 people they still will try our best to put it well. Wedding planner wedding costs account for about 10% of total expenditure, they and their parents in full compliance with the wishes of new wedding planning organizations, and close supervision of the wedding to ensure its smooth conduct, so that the couple really has a "life the most beautiful day. "
Janice is a typical American girl, in her French boyfriend proposed to her, she came across the sea to the land of her strange. However, the real problem here: the French culture, customs, and even the language she was not very understanding in marriage is really difficult for her. So she spent 4,000 euros from the "happiness fairy" the company brought in Amado, all problems are solved. Happy Janice said: "Thanks, Ms. Amado, not only planning a beautiful wedding, but let me reduce the language to communicate with her in-laws pressure, so I can make a relaxed and happy bride, properly Enjoy this long-awaited day! " the scale of 100 wedding contractors, and more than 200 bottles of the wedding banquet, wedding meal according to the selected level, the price range is divided into 8000 to 20,000 euros.
Sporadic substantial costs
Although the details of all aspects of the wedding expenses can afford, but if you add up all the money is still very surprising. With a size of 100 wedding fashion, for example, the cost of the project must include:
Coup to save money
Wedding and bridal make-up: to buy cheap store Tati mariage wedding budget only 150-300 euros; or you can go to rent a wedding dress bridal salon. As for the bridal makeup, it is recommended to contact Beauty School (cole de coiffure et d'esthtique).
Wedding invitations: do it yourself of course! You can go to the big stationery shop to buy the special paper for their favorite creation.
Wedding site: You can rent a city hall, or you can arrange the wedding relatively light in March and April, the price will be lower than the peak season.
Banquet: essential wine on the wedding, you can go directly to the wineries to buy.
Venue Decoration: can go online to look at, they sell all kinds of online wedding decorations and wedding supplies. As for flowers, floral school can go to look at the (cole de fleuriste).
Photographer and music performances: first consider whether there are all kinds of capable friends to show their talents, and they will be happy to help solve the problem

kwi 28 2011 Bra simple little dress

Ultra-short dress U.S. advance into the summer, a family of light legs

Look at those ahead of schedule throughout the summer abroad MM, "Light legs family" street dress. Let battle shorts skirts, do not you jealous? Orange Line T-shirt, yellow skirt. The taste of summer in full ah!

Bra simple little dress, go out wearing the same wonderful ah! And above, a comparison of the combination of two boots, summer boots you can also see the perfect fix your leg type.

Flowing white veil and coat with the color mix, even more pure water.

Legs yellow cascading skirt perfect show, hit the orange color jacket fits and starts of the season in this very appropriate to wear.

Blue and white combination, it seems that with some of the students are pure, but also with something of travelers free and easy.

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kwi 28 2011 If the weather is cold, how to defend it

Outdoor wedding wedding planners decryption Raiders

Currently more and more popular outdoor wedding, how to hold an outdoor wedding it, let's take a look.

One, a good wedding plans Cocktail Dresses.

Outdoor wedding must rely on the smooth conduct of a complete set of comprehensive plan. Outdoor wedding ceremony with the wedding indoors (can also be equipped tent) is the best combination. So met good weather, wedding venue, whether located in the beautiful garden, lawn, or air and pleasant beaches, can be regarded as a true outdoor wedding. New people swear if you want the wedding ceremony, the guests will be able to shuttle back and forth freely in the outdoor activities, then it must be prepared properly to prevent cold weather, change of weather or the inconvenience of rain.

Second, the intimate proposal Bridesmaids Dresses.

If the weather is cold, how to defend it?

1, for the guests is the most common small blankets common, and it is also the most simple lines.

2, the portable heater is not only cheap rent to good effect. Especially in the early spring outdoor wedding in the more common use.

Third, the intimate outdoor activities, tips

Please inform the wedding guests in advance are held outdoors, so that they will be fully prepared. If you can provide some tips for guests is more thoughtful, "Our wedding was held outdoors, it is recommended to wear comfortable flat shoes is appropriate." For convenience, the place can be considered in a temporary tent, and invites the specialized staff to guest services at any time Mother of The Bride Dresses.

1 corridor to create a romantic wedding

Outdoor wedding, a simple plain white carpet outdated. Recommended several new corridor decorated in order to add a romantic wedding atmosphere. Lawn wedding dress among the green lawn if it is held, then laying in the grass between the lattice of a colorful carpet of the corridor as a guest, or in the case allowed by the park, opened in the grass staging a simple path.

2, yellow leaves

Scattered with autumn yellow leaves, is distributing a charming autumn wedding colors.

3 pumpkins

Placed along the sides of the aisle these dream-like pumpkins, fairy tale scene instantly rendering.

4, rose petals

Sprinkle in the green corridor on the idea of ??a layer of soft rose petals's so romantic do you want.

5, artificial snow

Walking corridor in the wedding, the man-made arrangements, "snow", and placed on both sides of some small cedar to form one of the snow effect.

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kwi 28 2011 Marriage in the off-season to get married

Every bride want to have a very big wedding, but if your wedding budget is not very abundant, how can you do? Here are some wedding to save money. Guests will not notice, they may have thought you won the lottery can hold such a luxury wedding too!

Wedding money Method 1: Choose a place without much decoration Evening Dresses.

If you need to select a large number of flowers, candles and decorative veil where only the effect of the wedding, then it could lead to budget overruns, so I suggest you choose a place where natural scenery is very romantic wedding, such as: spring garden, summer and autumn woods beach, so you can get a multiplier effect.

Wedding money Method 2: Marriage in the off-season to get married

You must have experience in the off-season clothes, so why not choose a wedding in the off-season it? From the location, food to the band will be much cheaper. For example: a, March, July and August, are married off-season, place, drinks are discounted. And try to avoid some of the traditional holidays and festivals, when the number of marriages are more the price of hotel services will increase.

Wedding save money 3: go to wholesale markets, wholesale Flower Girl Dresses.

Whether drinks or decorations, the wedding is a lot of need. You may wish to purchase a large formal wholesale markets will be a lot cheaper than the mall, and to a certain amount can be discounted.

Wedding save money 4: to save on food and drinks

If you choose five-star hotel wedding, you can not get in the food and drinks on the big discount, I suggest you choose some new theme restaurants, where you not only get a very elegant dining environment, but also in a cost savings on food.

Wedding save money 5: save money on flowers

The bouquets and center ornaments, together with their choice of several flowers, you might as well choose a favorite flower. So do not worry about such arrangements florists, you can save a lot of floral design fees; and the best selection of seasonal flowers, as it not only will not affect the appearance, is still relatively affordable; you can avoid the flower shop, to large buy flowers wholesale markets, the addition of cheap varieties. Also, remember to leave your flowers to the ceremony, the banquet table while they also can be used as decoration again glory Quinceanera Dresses.

Wedding save money 6: cake decorating with flowers

There is such a trick, you can prepare a small and simple shapes on the cake for the ceremony, and decorate with flowers flowers as much as possible, because sugar flowers to be compared to expensive.

Wedding save money 7: Rent some jewelry to the jewelry store

Buy everything new? Cost too much money. In fact, some jewelry stores have the headdress and jewelry rental, you can go there to rent your favorite jewelry!

Wedding money Method 8: to give up the traditional first yarn ornaments

The first yarn to abandon traditional ornaments, to use some of the daily life of the card or the chic decorative crystal comb your hair. To do the veil, you can suggest it to do some short, short veil is unique and cheaper than long.

Wedding save money 9: Please do not make-up artist with makeup

Their hair to hair design studios, than to go home, affordable hair stylist. In the make-up artist for your make-up, they can make a bridesmaid in the next to observe, and then need makeup at the wedding, your bridesmaids can do too.

Wedding money Method 10: invitations do not buy fine or send a Mail to you

Just buy some simple invitations, with satin, tulle, or pretty wrapping paper for decoration, but also save money and significantly mind. Or send a Mail to your young friends, of course, this form of regular Internet for friends and family.

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kwi 28 2011 Contact the hotel directly and destination...

Brief content: Hawaii year-round spring weather is ideal for outdoor wedding photography. In Hawaii, the island has a wedding company, can be arranged for you by shooting them, you can directly call the specific circumstances of the request to stay at the hotel, and hotel arrangements for the wedding company. The most popular wedding filmed is Waikiki Beach, Waikiki Beach is the essence of some of the Regent Hotel to between the base section of beach hotels, where the fine white sandy beaches.

Each wedding look, there is always a "One year spent similar" feel. Similar backgrounds, similar clothes, similar shooting style, but for a different hero. Also, after a lot of people through the make-up does not seem like I am, my God, it still do your own wedding? Therefore, to take the most personal film to the wedding! Now, while tourism side of the wedding photographs is a popular choice for many new fashion, particularly as the Maldives, Bali, Lijiang, Yunnan, Sichuan and other Daocheng filmed the famous scenic spots, is highly popular tourist wedding shooting. However, to the perfect time to plan a wedding trip, is also a very complicated thing. New people how to achieve their dream of travel wedding? Teach you some shortcuts to it Formal dresses.

Yarn in tourism to shoot photos, beautiful landscapes, photos, and more features

Way: custom local wedding services travel studio

Features Analysis: It is understood that many of the studio like a Lady, Guangzhou, celebrities, Girard Perregaux Dengjun wedding travel services provided. Although compared to wedding photography pioneer tourist in Shanghai, Yunnan, Sichuan and Guangzhou travel professional wedding photography started late, but the operating point of view, has now matured. Among them, the "one to one" type of tourism services as a wedding photo-taking high-end custom projects, most are striving for perfection, the budget of the new rich of all ages. The so-called "one to one" type of tourist shooting wedding customized services, that is the wedding photo studio tailored for the new service, from the line, travel arrangements, to the photography style, clothing, makeup and other details of the studio by the people under the new concrete requirements of the design. This service requires payment accompanied by a new photographer, makeup artist, assistant ticket, accommodation and other expenses, so the price is higher.

Operating procedures: First contact your local wedding photo studio, their own ideas and demands put forward, and then by studio professionals itineraries and shooting, and calculate the approximate price, the two sides can reach an agreement in accordance with the agreed schedule after travel. It is understood that the wedding photography studio with extensive experience in tourism, the general book flights, hotels and other matters are the studio to agents, but there are some small studio can be new people to choose their favorite place to stay. In addition, if the wedding photography abroad, to do easy to handle passport and visa preparation.

Price: According to the Guangzhou studio boss Chen introduced about a year in the studio can accommodate about 10 pairs of new wedding photography abroad, generally every couple will be equipped with a makeup artist, a photographer and an assistant, a total of five people travel. 4, for example to the whole of Saipan, including airfare, accommodation and other expenses, totaling 2 million to 3 million, of course, people need to change more if the new clothes or take more pictures, prices will be higher.

Second way: enjoy the national chain of travel wedding photo studio services Bridesmaids Dresses.

Features Analysis: If you want to shoot in the country to shoot the famous tourist wedding wedding, want to save money, I suggest using this approach. It is understood that a number of national chains that offer such services wedding photography agencies, such as the extremely popular in communities around the busy wedding V2 visual photography agencies, photographic shops, the Mona Lisa. These institutions have a chain of stores across the country, and more are located in major cities and scenic spots, coupled with rich experience in the travel wedding shooting, new for the field with local characteristics of the most classic wedding photography services. As a result, the new people as long as you can without reservation to the favorite destination for wedding photography has Mother of The Bride Dresses. However, shooting in different places, before shooting the communication may not be as detailed local studio, and finally, when taking photos may encounter some trouble in the new place is if there are chain stores, local pick at, but if not, After waiting for the other side will come back to the sender via courier, and the one a long time, and secondly, in the transport process may be impaired, a higher risk.

Operating procedures: the new people simply by booking online or telephone booking, you can directly order the destination wedding photo studio wedding photography services.Wedding photo studio to shoot and after the date of agreement, the new people booking their own accommodation needs.

Price: cost of accommodation, excluding airfare, the price of such services between 3000 and 6000, the general number of days taken for 1 to 2 days. A recently introduced by V2 Lijiang "spring water reflect the" one-day wedding photography packages, for example, prices of 5,590 yuan per day, the couple may choose in the Beam River, Lashihai, jade kiosk, snow-capped mountains and other scenic spots shooting studio to provide full "one to one" shooting services, but also presented the local inn room 2 days honeymoon, etc. However, tolls, fuel costs, ticket area, staff meals to be borne by the newcomers.

Three ways: contact the hotel directly and destination

Features Analysis: wedding photography travel abroad relatively developed, such as in Fiji, Hawaii, Guam and other places, in addition to the new company can help wedding wedding photography and the people operating the wedding ceremony services, a number of hotel companies either directly or jointly launched with the wedding similar services. The hotel offers wedding photography services such generally nearby natural scenery and the hotel ridicule for the shooting background, shooting for those who wish to not be too hard, people want to advance a new honeymoon. In addition, some hotels are not directly involved in providing similar services, but also allows guests within the hotel wedding photography.

Operating procedures: first, whether to support the hotel of destination wedding photography, and then offers suggestions based on planning trips. The best wedding photographers and local wedding companies or organizations to contact, let them book a room for you at the local, and the hotel to discuss matters such as wedding shooting.

Price: According to the specifications of the hotel, date, require a different offer. It is understood that in Fiji, Hawaii, Guam, at least one shot of about 10,000 yuan.

Brief content: Hawaii year-round spring weather is ideal for outdoor wedding photography. In Hawaii, the island has a wedding company, can be arranged for you by shooting them, you can directly call the specific circumstances of the request to stay at the hotel, and hotel arrangements for the wedding company. The most popular wedding filmed is Waikiki Beach, Waikiki Beach is the essence of some of the Regent Hotel to between the base section of beach hotels, where the fine white sandy beaches.

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kwi 27 2011 Fairy dress itself is the best representative...

Fairy dress itself is the best representative, with soft chiffon texture, taste your sweet woman to the next level Oh! Most likely with a retro dress sense, fashion OL have also come to something different outfit Well, with the view of match.

Elegant nude color, delicate pleating, conservative lady style with high waist skirt, white shirt with a simple interpretation of the classic retro you.

Mix long gray chiffon skirt suit and look neat handsome, full of sense of the city.

Slim waist black veil mashup T-shirt, good body shape, with shoes, elegant tone retro yet also dynamic.

Slim waist black veil mashup T-shirt, good body shape, with shoes, elegant tone retro yet also dynamic.

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kwi 27 2011 Difference between day and night ali

Hilary Duff (Hilary Duff) and her hockey player boyfriend Mike is Murui (Mike Comrie) married to it! Day of Hilary Duff (Hilary Duff) wearing a Vera Wang (Vera Wang) bridal slowly into the hall, "Legend of Love"in the witness of friends and relatives married. Although only a few aerial pictures of suspected exposure, the picture quality is poor image rather vague, but according to an "Us" magazine, told reporters: "This is the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen! " So we can well imagine the scene, How romantic!

The United States of Valentines Day pass good news Cocktail Dresses, Hillary Duff (Hilary Duff) and her hockey player boyfriend Mike is Murui (Mike Comrie) married it! Beijing August 15, 2010 (local time Aug. 14), Hilary Duff (Hilary Duff) and 3-year-old fell in love with Mike is Murui (Mike Comrie), held in Santa Barbara, Honduras Wedding.

Hilary Duff (Hilary Duff) and Mike is Murui (Mike Comrie) Prom Dresses location is selected luxury, here was Michael Douglas (Michael Douglas) in the house, now all of his ex-wife Diandra Douglas. Day of Hilary Duff (Hilary Duff) wearing a Vera Wang (VERA WANG) slowly into the wedding hall, "Legend of Love"in the witness of friends and relatives married.

Although only a few aerial pictures of suspected exposure, the picture quality is poor image rather vague Sweet 16 Dresses, but according to a "US Weekly" magazine, told reporters: "This is the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen! " So we can well imagine the scene How romantic! Hilary Duff, now 22 years old (Hilary Duff) and 29-year-old Mike is Murui (Mike Comrie) fell in love for 3 years. February this year, Mike is Murui (Mike Comrie) in Hawaii, a trip to the Hilary Duff (Hilary Duff) a successful marriage proposal. The (Hilary Duff) in the left hand ring finger on a value of more than 100 million dollars in Juzuan ring.

Temperature difference between day and night ali, more than 20 degrees during the day and at night may drop below zero. 8 hours a day on the road, travel about 300 kilometers, wind, sun, big, full cracked hands later, how have no way to apply moisturizer. Can not find a place to eat lunch, often eat biscuits. Night rushed to a county to find a good hotel to stay local conditions, there is no guarantee on the hot shower to wash every day. Marine was admitted to a traditional Tibetan-style hotel. Placed around the room Yan Zhaoqiang Tibetan bed in the middle is a stove burning dung. 5 A man, a woman 3. "There are three toilets on the floor 'holes', why is the hole, because the other word to describe it is not accurate. In short, compared to the toilet a few days later, this is considered quite a luxury."

Way to go bad, so-called "road" is often a push to become the bulldozers, "Road", there is no fence, next to the abyss, people tremble with fear. There is a paragraph by the riverside, all large and small stones, thanks to the super off-road shock, or were Britain eight elements were seven dirty. "Full of sand road, washboard road. Bitter is bitter, but all prepared." Marine or even think, point to understand the difficult conditions Ali taste. "If all the asphalt, it also loses its meaning. Of course, since the name of the honeymoon trip under the banner of the natural nor self-torture tour."

Honeymoon trip or a photographic journey. As long as there is blue sky and white clouds, can make a "good food." Is not the only "harmony" is that weather is often bad, the beautiful scenery are often shrouded in clouds. Marine along with the driver learned a Tibetan: Nyima (Tibetan, meaning the sun) come out.

"Have friends there so naive questions blue? The answer is true, Tibet is worth N times, I went to Ali, the future will go."

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