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kwi 25 2011 Back of the small shawl design

Chiffon short sleeve shirt, light blue fresh sweet pretty charming atmosphere. Edition type thin waist sense. Back of the small shawl design, unique taste and generous temperament shape to show the full tide. Slim denim trousers with feet, street influx of people breath.

Hollow-type short-sleeved t-shirt strapless, simple design models. Hollowed shoulder design, wave shape is your favorite flavor. Casual atmosphere with a wave of flavor. Timeless letters printed map, wearing Dachu being reckless temperament.

Simple printed map, tidal range of short sleeve t-shirt full of children. Oh, spring and summer must-have item, with a hole in jeans, the perfect temperament modification of the wave of a sense of taste. Simple interpretation of the trend of the atmosphere, the influx of people will receive.

Dig shoulder design, short sleeve t-shirt the letter. Free loose version of type, spring and summer must-have item. Outside the ride sleeveless jumpsuit pants, a sense of tidal tone temperament, the United States to take the tide in early summer, with cool sunglasses, easily make the streets of the influx of people.

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kwi 25 2011 Decorative stones luxury

(Badgley Mischka) 2011 series of spring and summer shoe fairy bride in order to slim heel, beautiful side of the arc to set off the elegant, classical atmosphere, beauty temperament. Decorative stones luxury, romantic tulle bows, layered with delicate petals of different colors and style of the wedding Party Dresses as partners, several of the tall high heels or not used to prepare the chiffon texture brides flat shoes, also more intimate.(Badgley Mischka) 2011 spring and summer wedding Bridesmaid Dresses has a dignified and elegant style, while the 2011 spring and summer of (Badgley Mischka) bride cents shoe series, similarly to slim heel , the beautiful side of the arc to set off the elegant, classical atmosphere, beauty temperament. In addition to the classic white and a touch of the dove gray, bare pink, champagne gold and deep blue gem, decorated with precious stones luxury, romantic tulle bows, layered delicate flower petals of different colors and styles to match the wedding Bridesmaids Dresses. In addition to show off the high heels and elegant in appearance with the style, or several for the tall bride to wear high heels are not used to prepare the tissue texture of flat shoes, but also more intimate.

From the inlaid ruby ??crown-shaped headdress, to hide under the skirt of the bride shoes, enchanting and warm touch of red, the Rem Accra (Reem Acra) 2012 spring and summer wedding dress decorated with scores outside the charming. Architect Rem Accra (Reem Acra) use a lot of tulle material, cut out, or pagoda-shaped fishtail skirt, thin, pure and sexy perspective effect of the integration.

A pair of satin gloves, a set of hair in a bun, a precious stone of the "crown", a pair of bridal shoes, a bouquet of bride's bouquet in full bloom ... ... Rem Accra (Reem Acra) 2012's spring and summer wedding show floor, enchanting and warm into the red into the details, the holy wedding dress decorated with scores outside the charming. Architect Rem Accra (Reem Acra) use a lot of tulle material to build 2012 spring and summer wedding series, cutting out the fishtail or drag to the pagoda-shaped skirt, so that the layers of gauze along the body pouring down the curve. Perspective on effects of light outlined in lace patterns, three-dimensional flowers, feathers, decorative embellishment, the integration of pure and sexy. Stars like the surface of crystal and precious stones in white gauze spell exquisite pattern, with a small standing collar, veil and other details of the court to jointly create a beautiful sense of style.Marriage marriage passe foreign star is busy, married supermodel have a good time to catch myself - the world's top supermodel second Polly Natasha (Natasha Poly) married to a Dutch logistics talents, let us send for her blessing!

Supermodel Natasha Polly (Natasha Poly) beloved Dutch mail and logistics group TNT CEO Peter Bakker, the wedding of two scenic resorts in the French St. Tropez at the weekend to celebrate all the time The happy event of marriage. Supermodel Natasha Polly (Natasha Poly) from the day of the wedding dressed in Givenchy (Givenchy), by designer friends(Riccardo Tisci) now built.Natasha Polly (Natasha Poly) is now one of the hottest supermodel. 2009 autumn and winter show season, she's in the global supermodel TOP 50 ranked No. 2 on the list, and still maintain this good grades!Natasha Polly (Natasha Poly) 1985 年 born in Russia on July 12, 2004 Model Competition in Moscow in the winter been excavated, thus beginning a modeling career. September 2007, she has 10 board "Vogue" cover, the other major European and American fashion magazine "Flair", "Marie Claire", "Hapers Bazaar" and "French", also have appeared in her presence. Natasha Polly (Natasha Poly) or Gucci (Gucci) Queen's advertising model, revealing her bones strong and sexy as Gucci (Gucci) the best interpretation of the brand until the spring and summer of 2010 so far.

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kwi 22 2011 North Africa is a source of inspiration,...

North Africa is a source of inspiration, spring and summer 2011, designers will invariably gravel deserts of North Africa, a mirage, fringed totem, concentrated Seyan color, animal patterns onto the T station, swaying to the romantic model out of a good time in North Africa.

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Pucci dresses, brown sandals and the Department of decorative tassels and lapis lazuli, blue and white color scheme with the Sidi Bouzid echo, half fisherman sweater, long chiffon skirt makes you free to walk all the corners.

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CeLINE spring and summer, "yearning for freedom, away from the hustle and bustle of" the tone of the noise attracted a desire to exit the style of urban women, elegant wide leg pants, low crotch, neat Skinny leather jackets is that they sit at coffee shops in North Africa when the best pack .

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Roberto Cavalli T-Taiwan is an island covered with tropical plants, towering palms on both sides of the lotus, crocodile skin, suggesting that the African leopard and tassels impression tassels swinging, ultra-wide leg dress pants, and flowing movements to pull more models Is slender.

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Blumarine Leopard this season's delicate brush strokes, with delicate turquoise, beige, so that every woman wearing the body and elegant sides of spontaneous wild, wild nature of Africa, the elegant mosaic murals from ancient Carthage in Heritage.

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kwi 22 2011 How to avoid weaknesses is the important...

Every bride's face and upper body of the overall feeling is different, in determining the performance of their body for the basic models, the next step to consider the details of the design, especially the Ministry of the collar and sleeve design. How to avoid weaknesses is the important consideration. Designers can also refer to the advice of the more popular nowadays collar and sleeve type, found both stylish and suitable for their own design style, but also to achieve modification of the role of face and upper body defects.

Chinese-style open-collar
If you choose to hold the wedding but do not want to give up Chinese-style wedding Cocktail Dresses right, try the effect of Chinese-style collar. This collar is used in the winter wedding, the bride for a slender neck, face or full face too long when the bride choose the Sweet 16 Dresses opening some adjustment on the collar size.
Asymmetric collar
Collar had broken the tradition of symmetrical visual experience, especially the shoulder style, revised down net disadvantage Bra style is easy, but they can balance the shoulders from a visual perspective of the lines, even with oblique Unfortunately, the bride can rest assured choice. Thin face, pointed chin, face the most appropriate.
Horseshoe fifth of the sleeve
Feel his arm to do with the shortcomings of the brides can choose the style sleeve cover their own shortcomings. If the upper arm is too thick, you can choose to cover the length of the arm circumference of obesity, some do not need to be too rigid cuff, should choose Mati Xiu mouth, the activities of both arms can be elongated to facilitate arm's length, the degree is high fashion.
French short-sleeved
French short-sleeved upper arm is covered only a little bit of style, so the feeling of slender arm, but also to express through other decorations, such as the one o'clock lace hanging from the shoulder, adds a romantic flavor. Wider thicker upper arm or shoulder of the bride should be careful, Prom Dresses because it will let you become the focus of some of the shortcomings of more prominent.
Xiaojian Collar
Beautiful shoulders can be exposed to the important function Xiaojian collar, shoulders more level for the bride who can soften the shoulder line, straight from the neck down style that cleverly conceal the bride's chest smaller defects, chest add some decorations better. Young bride facial contours can be under such a collar to the face by contrast, if the face is best not to select such large collar or V-neck is more suitable.
Simple with rotator cuff
Even the elegant beauty of the rotator cuff has a vintage, full face for comparison, because the collar is connected with the formation of the arc can shorten the length of the face, it is also suitable for long-wearing face of the bride. Furthermore collar and sleeves attached to part of the transition of the Ministry of nature, able to be too thin shoulders rounded or cover up.

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kwi 22 2011 Wear jewelry

Because the style of Celebrity Dresses and style has been basically OK, so even in the wedding production period, the bride can do to purchase the accessories that can be used with, including shoes, handbags and jewelry. Best to keep a wedding style comp, so you can go with friends or the maid of honor with the choice, everyone used as a reference.

Wear jewelry
1. Jewelry and face face is the main basis for selection of earrings, jewelry worn on the face can play a reasonable balance between the role of modification.
Inverted triangle face: This face is more pointed chin, wearing a form suitable for "great on the small" earrings, such as the teardrop-shaped;
Triangle face: This face is narrow forehead, wide cheeks, suitable for wearing earrings hanging decorated with style, you can lengthen the face;
Round face: Do not wear earrings circle, so make your face look more round; can choose type of earring to fall a long stretch of sight, at the same time try to make earrings close with a straight face.
2. Jewelery and neck type
Neck short: choose a slightly slender necklace, this can increase the visual length of the neck, avoid wearing a short, thick, hoop necklace around her neck, that would make the neck look shorter;
Neck length: short neck and the people on the contrary, these people wear a cervical collar twenty-three string necklace or collar would look good, and the choice of long necklace will make you into a "giraffe."
3. Rings and hand-type
Long thin fingers: this is the most enviable, because wearing anything look good, especially the larger diamond rings or other jewelry will make you a more beautiful fingers off; ring ring should be selected Broadside of the;
Short and flat fingers: the jewel in the ring to select a vertical longer than horizontal, such as egg-shaped ring face, slender fingers that would enhance the sense of; rings to choose the narrow side of the ring.
4. Bracelets and wrist
Wrist thick: for wide and loose to wear bracelets or bracelets, if you wear tight thin, tightly coupling the wrist, but highlights the wrist is very thick.
Slender wrist: Nature is beautiful to wear anything, but if the wrist is too small, then, to choose narrow bracelet, do not let his arm looked like a reed wood stick.
5. Plastron (corsage, brooch)
Be careful not to wear the pectoral too complex, otherwise it will overwhelm and mask the beautiful wedding Mother of The Bride Dresses. Pectoral position of wearing high, can increase the body of the slender sense.

Ingenious handbag can add vibrant colors for your wedding, but try not to pay attention with the wedding color shade.
Choose a fine handbag, which installed the necessary cosmetics, or sewing kit, makeup and even if the Classic Dresses a "accident", you have a tool to make up time.
Select the key parts of shoes, in addition to a beautiful shape, but also taking into account the comfort, heel not too high, do not choose the style slippers, Oh!

Important Tips
Choose shoes with a high degree of essential wedding shoes, be sure to remember when putting on shoes when measuring the height dimension to prevent the size difference when wearing wedding. After a good buy, the best dressed at home before a walk, try to see if there are irregularities at the foot. Classification should take good care of jewelry, especially pearls the relatively resistant to corrosion and tarnish, take care.

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kwi 22 2011 Coat


Burberry Prorsum always wins in the basic models, the black family vacation to the girls pants thin legs appear more slender, the same effect also appears in trousers Celine. Not so tight-fitting light-colored pants suit and more casual comfortable curling, like models, as with a T shirt or jacket are very short type, reason is no substitute for fine tailoring and workmanship. Brand has always been proud of the same coat, suit jacket close to the body, as the pants were thin as obvious effect. Early spring coat was also added more decorative details - fold, lotus leaf or trim are easy to make them look a lot. Chloe not so tight-fitting white suit, it is also very popular style, and loose trousers beam port makes it easy to wear on the plane together. The mixed colors with a short collar suit is very fashion sense, and also to make the girls look more capable.

Pretty unique color options

The color of early spring to summer, sometimes even more than the bold, unscrupulous people are always vacation feeling. Net worth noting color of mint blue coveralls with shorts Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta Chloe lake and the green Party Dresses and red; printed in the brightest of the peacocks are Marni and Chloe and down the different printing Leopard.

In addition, Balenciaga Flower Girl Dresses with unparalleled printing printing color, even dark at the end, flower arrangement and because the relationship between fabric and pattern, it is extremely bright. Black in the course, there are outstanding, Stella McCartney suit because the skin tight black lace and sequins embellishment and very sexy.

Two parts-style

Style most often seen in early spring is a series of two sections-style clothes, a lot of bikini tops and shorts combination of people may feel love, but also have to say about how to wear them always some concerns. This solved the problem MarcJacobs, blue printing two parts to achieve a pretty fashion, corset style jacket so cute in the stomach and waist exposed, but not the bikini tops that exposed too much.

How to fashion and accessories with Qiu Dongkuan

Now the most important, early spring fashion is always giving people "too cool" concerns, how can this be the season to wear them, but truly stylish winter coat "harmonious relationship" mean?

With a coat: Your coat is always the basic color? Then bright colors can even be called "bizarre" fashion in early spring can be used to provide light them. Violet by Sonia Rykiel Quinceanera Dresses with a simple black coat, imagine peeped in a black chest under the violet how Jiaoren surprised.

With fur: fur sometimes too gorgeous, then use a simple, tough sharp liner to match some of it will, of course, can reduce the "fall into the conventional" probability. Celine flash chip designed in a simple pink jacket and stovepipe pants meat created a slim, minimalist outline of the body, put out a popular and long fur vest, of course good, but better is a laptop mink hair coat.

Dress with a leather jacket: Top motorcycle jacket can be used with the "lining" too much, mopping the floor is the most contradictory chiffon dress with a pair, of course, the most fashionable couple. Wearing a very soft, close to the body's Miu Miu Printed silk, put a length of zipper is decorated with a large number of rivets to do the old motorcycle jacket, is it not the greatest contrast between the ceremony or the party's most eye-catching it? In addition, Louis Vuitton this season with a skating skirt are also good choices, it allows you to have unparalleled Alice ass.

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kwi 20 2011 Models are refined ethereal fairy as leisurely...

Models are refined ethereal fairy as leisurely walking, seemed to cut us into the other-worldly air of paradise. Thin yarn to do the hard shape of the hem, was like the clouds. Some floral embroidered lace, simple yet elegant. Wedding of the main color is white and nude colors, and guide the 2012 pandemic.

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kwi 20 2011 Perhaps the color rendering of the Rose Rose...

Perhaps the color rendering of the Rose Rose mood, perhaps childhood that romantic dreams about pink, cream powder, so Fenfen tender and pink wedding colors theme wedding is the most readily available brides of all ages. Pink wedding this year, try to regain from the childhood dream, to be the sweetest, most happy bride.

Long fishtail skirt

You want every aspect of the wedding a sparkling selection of accessories is the key, black embroidered pale pink can be too tied with layering.

Local decoration

Choose pink Celebrity Dresses with a sense of vertical fall, a simple one cut, bright decorative bow at the waist is so bland elegant style so special.

Drape silk

Silk drape fabric to enhance a sense of well-dress this section extravagance index. Skirt folds at the design, tender romance. Romantic temperament fresh grass for the wedding Prom Dresses Party links.

Lace fold

Asian brides often choose Tee style Sweet 16 Dresses. Peach pink color to brighten the yellowish color, chest to chest line at the fold is more plentiful, from the waist length and lace skirt, full of femininity.

Palace-style tutu

Deep neck and V and hanging tutu was charming in the noble, so sexy and cute to find the perfect balance. Even less do not have to worry about full support of the bride can not afford the dress, the other, the biggest advantage is that tutu was waist!

Fresh! Brand-new mermaid evening gown appreciates square neckline with smooth bodice, while distinct waistline introduces the black skirt accented by asymmetrical overlapping layers adding a modish picture to this style. A jacket with vertical bowtie finishes the style.Brilliantly designed mermaid style for evening gown enjoys cute bodice attaching handmade ruches around accenting the fully embellished bodice and short sleeves. Colored natural waistband defines the style inviting the layered skirt running downward to the ground with no train.

Flirty. Flirtatious slight mermaid red evening gown appreciates plunging V cut neckline with pleated bodice smartly, while horizontal pleated natural waistband with handmade floral at side invites the asymmetrical layered skirt, like running water, trickling downward aesthetically to the ground with a sweep train.

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kwi 20 2011 Anna Sui's work

Anna Sui's work this season to the United States as a source of inspiration for Arts and Crafts movement, the highlight of the series focuses on various types of printed fabrics and unique designs, she has always maintained a good atmosphere to create a sweet girl full of style. Such as printing, including flowers, animals, stripes, swirls, and a variety of jacquard designs, and then with the knit cardigan, wool skirt, short paragraph fur vests, knitted hats, and other animals, lovely shape of a single product, a vivid interpretation of the discussion Lolita style of popular rock and roll. Just too bright floral fabrics and patterns are not a lot for everyone, and little attention is easy to become strong local flavor, so cute wearing how to master the balance between active and artificial Anna Sui wearing new season must be considered with skills.

Return to the dark metal style can be called Alexander Wang Fashion Week in the season shows the most tough style of the designer. In the new model not only the substantial use of mainly black color; same time using the exaggerated width of type, was the sense of depth, expansion of the fur, translucent chiffon, silky satin and tough leather filled with a strong contrast between the design element to everyone to create a series of strong ice, sexy luxury image of women, including several with a tear trailing elegant style Party Dresses particularly noteworthy. Like the Japanese style and the style of the season you want to try neutral thin girls may wish to try.

By the media as "contemporary Grace Kelly", main elegant and noble style of Donna Karan's 2011 autumn and winter series of the designer himself was named as the "pearl of wisdom" (Pearls of wisdom), because most of the modeling and ultimately, a decorative pearl accessories . And elbow length gloves, suede material; different shapes of pearls accessories; translucent flowing chiffon; drag to drape Cocktail Dresses sense; full gloss and silk chiffon dress material; classic belted trench coat; knee pencil skirts; stretch wool jersey; gorgeous fur coats, mohair shawl, and oblique shoulder goddess Flower Girl Dresses, have been reflected in this series, matched to cover a long section of the head scarf, and some strange makeup , making the whole group looks retro style comfort, while adding to the somewhat Kelly starred in the Hitchcock film is the characters in the mystery. It is particularly worth mentioning is the best show of the series, several emphasized feminine drape dress sense, which is about the next season of the popular styles.

Extensive use of reflective fabrics of metal color Marc by Marc Jacobs is this season's fashion week offered a set of 70's disco-style casual look. Leopard velvet retro models dress patterns, decorated with black stripes and beaded satin dress, a short section of metal copper and other tight-fitting leather jacket is a new series highlights. All the styling looks energetic, well suited for European and American high-street style of love, inner beauty with a few people wearing little wild. Meanwhile, Ma Ying-jeou to run for naturally won a high degree of concern, senior fashion critic Suzy Menkes, the newly appointed editor of French Vogue fashion Ming Bobo Emmanuelle Alt, and Anna Dello

Russo is the main support will all be present.

Season to talk about the design of the most stunning works that none other than the non Marchesa. The famous writer Charles Dickens novel "Great Expectations" (Great Expectations), Miss Havisham in the main character inspired by the design of these works can be absolutely beautiful to describe. Although Miss Havisham in the novel's notorious, known as "witches", but believe that when all the girls to see this group of works, it will not help sigh dreamy beauty. Decorated with hand-stitched with embroidered straps for a very long wedding veil of cream; encrusted Chinese paper-cut pattern inspired fishtail skirt; flaring cuffs, full of hollow and has a lace dress pattern sense of perspective, with a black corset-style shirt dress is an impressive and unforgettable. This exquisite handmade and elegant fabrics that nearly all of Miss Havisham, "big dream" is that happened.

Main American casual style, just won a lifetime achievement award last year, the Michael Kors new clothes to emphasize that this season practicality and comfort. Qianban Chang casual dress code to the main weekday, some lazy and somewhat loosely knitted fabric drape jackets and other design sense often appears in a single product, you can wear is very high. In the second half of the fashion show, style, evolved as a restrained and elegant evening wear line, luxury Silver Fox fur coat, encrusted flash bare shoulder evening dress decorated so for any formal occasion to attend, whether opera or attended the dinner.

Oscar de la Renta's fall and winter series of the past few days the French elegance, from the Las Vegas show to the mix design in Uzbekistan. Warm fur and exotic ethnic style is reflected in this series was just right. Whether it is noisy red fox mini skirt printed with a short section of national wind jacket shape, or a white fur coat-style dress with flowing chiffon cake the shape of the wearer needs to dress a fearless spirit, the seemingly coordination of a single product chaotic ride and showing a surprisingly different kind of style.

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kwi 15 2011 Active in the fashion arena with many local...

Active in the fashion arena with many local designers on the different, she is not a design professional background. Not so much her fashion design, said she was in designing a better attitude towards life. Engrossed in contemporary art, concentrated study in philosophy, she will have her life experience into the vocabulary of fashion design. International luxury brand favored by Chinese artists, but also her friends, had been invited to the Italian brand Ferregamo cross-border cooperation, the Chinese tiger painting on top of fashion handbags. He is also quite accepted her designs, many dressed in her custom designed clothing and other important occasions, attended the opening of the exhibition. For her, he said he had seen her, "the pursuit of perfection," "she did not learn to design majors in college, so she designed a more free and easy, for she is very sensitive to the elements of national character."

Unlike Jason Wu, Vera Wang, Philips Lim success in the Western world such as Overseas Chinese fashion designers, local designers like her that is only based on their own soil on top, from the traditional Chinese culture to draw nutrients into for their own design language, which to the interpretation of the real Chinese elements, perhaps, this is the designer of China's advanced customization for the road.

Spring 2011 ushered in a clear insight into colors,beautiful holiday scenery, to the 70's Yves Saint Laurent's most famous tribute to Mondrian colors, emphasizing the woman's charming and cool, always filled with joyous pride. Fabric choice, not fantastic, but, whether it is solid coarse, or withstand flexible blended, the goal is to better show the color saturation.

Spring and summer the flagship of the "color" trump card,Celebrity Dresses the Fast Fashion demonstrations. High fashion fans what education staining, Cocktail Dresses what is the real Chromic, fluorescent color, juice color, what is refined color. Sweet 16 Dresses.Also through professional color therapy, immersion pool positive emotions, for the future fortune. It seems that the vibrant color of spring and summer season, "recovery" even more special significance!And flounced chiffon combination of romance to the white to an extreme. Layering to radiate vitality skirt, feminine flowers and fine necklaces are excellent in combination with high heels.

Shaping function with a simple skirt cut way to a more cool, with elements of the accessories echoed in the outline of body lines while keeping the overall image is more uniform.

October 24 evening, held a lecture entitled "extension" of Judy Hua spring and summer 2011 Haute couture fashion brand. Despite the cold, rainy, but still can not stop the drive of nearly 1,500 spectators came to the city center 20 km away from Shanghai International Fashion Center to see the enthusiasm of female designers style. Humanities for the entire conference, add dash of art.

"Through the appearance to the essence," "the spirit to see through clothing", these artists than the general audience to friends, more understanding of the intent. "A rare look both beautiful, intelligent mind, rational thinking, gentle female character, her ability to learn is very strong, even in different areas can quickly enter the state, with their unique aesthetic to digest. "In case comments before the show.
All along, she is committed to the performance of modern western design and artistry of oriental philosophy, humanism intrinsic link between the three. Following the success of the spring and summer 2010 fashion show, "Flowers in mind" after this she was again cross to the architect's works as a source of inspiration to start a fashion and building each other's feast.

That night, up to 35 meters, 8 meters wide T stage stands a huge white gauze and wood frame construction of the "flying Pavilion" device, completely breaking the T station to the traditional concept. Pavilion is the architect of flying their own works, but also the creative muse. In this new design approach and the context of exploration, in addition to continued emphasis on advanced custom apparel brand founded by Judy Hua, as always, fine, pure, quiet, elegant style, it is more clear to her extraordinary talent and good mastery of restrained Speculation quiet energy.

With the magnificent opening music, wearing Judy Hua 2011 spring and summer series of models who, in the "flying Pavilion" the line between the sections. This perspective of feminist who launched the designer, have reflected a strong feminist side of the towering shoulder pads, straight lines of thestructuralist, also elegant silk,created by layers of rose petals of female romanticism. Undoubtedly reflects the self-styled "feminist," the designers, the architectural version of masculine strength and soft texture of the clothes were interesting collision and fusion. Fleeting fashion and architecture of enduring creative thinking, have been completely out of the ordinary people escape the understanding of the limitations of fashion, reached a new level, which is a representation of identity and memory and dreams materialized after the ultimate extension.

"This is the structure and material, permanent and short, soft and strong, the relationship between safety and exposure. Construction since ancient times is power, a symbol of safety; and flow of fashion is seen as the construction, architecture and clothing in some of the essential meaning is the same, they are different from human beings and animals, and nature bases are to bring protection and space. They are the carrier of human culture, identity and memory are expressed, are the expansion of the dream It is an extension of people. "interview after the show case of interpretation of her design philosophy this season.

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