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kwi 12 2011 Striped or polka dot ribbon decoration

Striped or polka dot ribbon decoration, the ball gowns to give the perfect finishing touch to bring more, tight fold-style design close to the waist dress and style is the best choice. Select a sexy mini Party Dresses to show off your good shape, maybe you want some of the wedding is more serious, then at least dress to expose your ankle.

Fashion trend: flowers

Through the decorative flowers on the wedding dress ,Flower Girl Dresses, creating the vitality of the spring and summer garden flower embroidery from the plane to the three-dimensional embroidery, these nature inspired wedding dress to show more of the whimsy. Loose one-piece dress in tight-fitting bras and waist decorated with flowers, or they drag to these flowers in the skirt gently floating, spring and summer this is one of the most unique wedding dress style show.

Two trends: preppy style

If that too much too feminine flowers, preppy style, simplicity and style through the details of specific excited to bring the spring. preppy style is low-key, refined, and is from the 70s of last century, "Ivy League" University of fresh air. Striped or polka dot ribbon decoration, the ball gowns to give the perfect finishing touch to bring more, tight fold-style design close to the waist dress and style is the best choice.

Three trends: transparent fabrics

Wedding dress reflecting the joy by feeling, may have a shiny fabric Baotou is the ideal choice, chiffon, charmeuse satin, Classic Dresses materials wedding dress will shine in the spring and summer. When you embark on the wedding altar, and wind blowing gently chiffon dress, thousands of your style, you can also select the spaghetti straps of the silk cotton dress with dots, it is very suitable for spring and summer outdoor wedding.

Four trends: Knit Jacket

Do not be deceived by the sun in spring and summer, the temperature this time of rapid change, the temperature difference between day and night, for your wedding dress with a small needle sleeve knitted jacket or necessary, it can give you added warmth, but still allow Your dress sharp and moving.

Five trends: give up the long paragraph

Let your legs in the sunshine to get a rest. Short more and more popular, there is no better than this high-profile show of healthy brown skin solution. Select a sexy mini dress to show off your good shape, maybe you want some of the wedding is more serious, then at least dress to expose your ankle

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kwi 11 2011 People used to ask, Fashion Week

People used to ask, Fashion Week, these clothes Party Dresses, in the end how much can really wear upper body, openly not be looked down upon to go out, and tell the truth I can not answer this question, a lot of clothes Celebrity Dresses In addition to being stars on the red carpet by a number of chic in a return path, the basic reality of life not found in our sight. Even so, the brass still about fashion trends each year, that we have as beautiful legging, high shoulder, which is not subtle fashion week, autumn and winter 2011 Fashion Week is over, to see the final finale Paris Fashion Week, and Han practical point.

Like a good discussion, this year many brands have a lot of Cocktail Dresses use of stitching, leather and woolen between the plain weave fabric with the word between the cells, designers with skilled techniques to different pieces of material spliced ??together, black and white, light and dark, Valentino's Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, Celine Sweet 16 Dresses of Phoebe Philo, and so, no matter what kind of stitching, can be so feminine more capable and sophisticated urban family, the collision of two materials, there will always bring to the delicate touch of masculinity. So this year the ladies may wish to try a variety of materials splicing, or dresses Quinceanera Dresses, or trousers, certainly not the same kind of feeling.

What also makes you boring and then the United States to see which both tired the past few years straight, slender legs, on the current flowing is always a kind of extra wide leg pants of all ages. As if this season's Chloe, the atmosphere broad-based, but did not have too much publicity, it is more noble and fashionable. Simple broad-based summary we can still see it wrapped in the gentle minimalism, so whenever walking down the street and saw tall slender woman with wide leg pants, can not help all Kanji Yan, so that follow the trend of an age to wear clothing is very easy.

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kwi 11 2011 Although the weather was hot and cold

Although the weather was hot and cold, but apparently this winter be gone, and then the cold wind blowing the sun does not go that far, according to the body Party Dresses warm. This time wearing a Celebrity Dresses rode bicycles or on foot, back to nature camp in the wild, that called a cozy. Of course, you have to quickly estimate the physical body coat down jacket off and put on a thin line of the first outdoor point Cocktail Dresses, taking advantage of the spring is infinitely good, and quickly to riding outing. So you go out to play, outdoor sports, please do not continue to work with her suit, jeans, apparently not open my hands a little hands and feet, easily the most comfortable outdoors is definitely the key thing, and so a Formal Dresses, even if tomorrow you go to the supermarket with people can quickly grab salt, is not it. Purpose is very clear, we look to continue professional point considering the purchase of Han brand, The north face, Columbia these days more than the genuine fake brands is not to say, ArcTeryx endorsement that there is free publicity Zhang I is no longer a waste of breath, and today a few nagging Lafuma it. Lafuma not to advertise, so the French brand's long history is not to say, are interested in themselves to google, the reason I recommend it one of the reasons is that it's products Prom Dresses line is very homogeneous, and all her own, not outsourcing. The French veteran because of the huge group, so buy a lot of variety of brands, to make shoes in Seattle One Sport, the British shoe Le Chameau, super-famous German backpack factory BigPack, it is absolutely natural, as the Crown Prince Lafuma Lafuma Group, it is absolutely entitled to the kinds of privileges, such an analysis you get the point, for what it is professional grade

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kwi 11 2011 Spring and summer series of Party Dresses

Spring and summer series of Party Dresses also appeared in the design of younger elements. Such as the Navy changed his tune series set to give a serious career woman old-fashioned set of Celebrity Dresses the impression, through bold geometric embellishment and extended cut method, with the same geometric extension of the shirt or T shirt and other single product, so that results become more self-cultivation dress more fashionable. And stylish single product "Jumpsuit" (parachute pants Siamese installed) Cocktail Dresses in the season after After the re-design can also easily mix and match with suits, etc., demonstrates the colorful style of urban elite women and diverse roles.

Mother of The Bride Dresses another important design highlights, from ILARIA fabric in the strict selection of climax. Some of the world's top brands to be eligible a few selected top European fabric, is also presented ILARIA season products. If TAFETTA SUR CHAINE, by this line in the woven fabric after printing, the printing effect showing a phantom-like three-dimensional "IMAX effect", this traditional method of weaving fabrics from Europe, the traditional process, the cost and limited because of amazing production, so Europe has always been limited to a handful of top brands to use.

Classic Dresses another noble historic fabric OTTOMAN (manual two-sided satin court) is reflected two completely different inner and outer fabric texture effect, this royal family in the Middle Ages in Europe, the popular fabric is ILARIA the opening of the design team will once again lead the fashion. Brand design film production ILARIA HE Mr. Ms. ANTONIO BANDINI appearance in the show after the curtain call, and expressed the international team to design the concept of Chinese women. "ILARIA and many other luxury brands is different, from the international perspective to create, we use the Italian style of fabric and proficient in Italian, but we fully understand the Chinese women's body shape and lifestyle. China is not just us women fashion guests, they are the heroine of our design. "

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kwi 11 2011 Fashion Week

Fashion Week is, ILARIA 2011SS fashion show can be said to have a high level, as a domestic brand Party Dresses, shows simply do not feel strange before the reception the atmosphere, the capital of celebrity contestants gathered in a fashion show from the point of view, the Celebrity Dresses activity can be said and the world community. Of course depends on something inside, ILARIA Troika team can say a lot of international elements, ILARIA brand founder Ilaria He President, went to Italy from China to study the early years after the settlement of Rome, ILARIA brand design director, who served as a renowned designer Valentino The first design assistant, Mr. Antonio Bandini Cocktail Dresses, ILARIA brand is served as CEO and Prada Valentino Asia-Pacific president of the brand, Mr. Giovanni.Di Salvo, the team laid This is a very mature commercial brands.

This season, designers from the famous painter Piet Mondrian to the geometric blocks of color inspiration cleverly integrated into the Bridesmaid Dresses design, color and cut through the two expressions for the spring and summer series of Women ILARIA vertical fall brings a sense of very clean lines and light and elegant Bridesmaids Dresses of the block geometry. The classic elements of modern Western art, the distinctive new interpretation by the designer, the first showing a way to fill the gap of the poetic beauty of the East.

ILARIA has always advocated the "way of life to create consistent fashion elite women in China," the idea is also in the spring and summer 2011, the series continues, the overall clean lines make the work more capable and sophisticated women, and details such as contrast to Yebian the tailoring of the geometric sense when you let women participate in social reveal the natural elegance and soft side.

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kwi 11 2011 The activities to "Never Ending Fun...

International fashion brand Mark Fairwhale's Party Dresses men's brand of independent Fairwhale Shake 2011 conference in autumn and winter LOFT Garden in Beijing Creative Space - Park hot competition staged. Celebrity Dresses Searching for a new interest in the site layout, exciting games, and dynamic fashion catwalk models Cocktail Dresses, were all presented in a visual scene gluttonous guests enjoy the meal.

The activities to "Never Ending Fun fun I create" as its theme, not only with the new show field dynamic elements of the game Evening Dresses, dazzle the stage layout is more dynamic application of the technology element of the fashion rage. Under the lights in the opening moment, T station a dynamic full-screen jumping "SHAKE" word, dazzling incomparable. The set of high-quality fresh cool dance and music in one of the young boy bands HIT-5 as if the big screen from the stage in his breakthrough, crazy dance hearty. The show field glare shine, neon flying, feel like being bright feast Special Occasion Dresses.

Supermodel Zhang Liang then headed to some of the world-renowned Chinese and foreign models wearing Fairwhale Shake clothing line from the end of the secret door out of the T station, on-site instant boiling. They are now the most popular hand-held props and audience guests online game playing interactions, leading us into the ultimate fun Game world. As if the audience is also happy to return to their wild days of youth, through the "play Game", to experience the Fairwhale Shake fun and interesting to pass the doctrine, people enjoy the different styles of fall and winter fashion has brought us a surprise.

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kwi 11 2011 China Fashion Week in tonight's curtain...

China Fashion Week in tonight's curtain, Party Dresses people can not help but feel, emotion. Mixed Feedback, Celebrity Dresses in fact, are hardly surprised. The joy is that Chinese designers last two years will not repeat once: Cocktail Dresses Variety Fashion Week, the same "animal years" of the detention.Flower Girl Dresses, after all, the Chinese elements, even flamboyant, no matter how the Majestic again, the annual after year, "differential" of the design work, maybe a fancy to a few hundred years will make life boring.

Metaphysical fashion design creation is starting to bear the heavy long-term barriers to Quinceanera Dresses. In order to "dragon" designed "Dragon", to "Silk" and the design

"Silk", to "dress" and design "cheongsam" This kind of design thinking, how can not be said or standing around in an embarrassing setback. Fashion Week this time, we surprised to see some cutting-edge designers more creative changes, both the design style, or drawn elements, do more with the international perspective.

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kwi 09 2011 Ou Difen underwear design contest this year...

In the just-concluded four major international fashion week, the masters will demonstrate the most of Chinese elements, the popular Chinese style is not a new phenomenon, but this time, in China itself, and the underwear Party Dresses show the Oriental element is the first time.

Ou Difen underwear design contest this year, most of the works are the Chinese style onto the stage, from the dress to the embroidery Celebrity Dresses, to the clouds from the blue and white pattern, the others have been. Although the use of "out the door of the show" as the theme, Cocktail Dresses put that point of the Ming Dynasty thing, but also implied the Chinese style, but the site will inevitably be all-Chinese style a bit boring, but good things can be used too often lose the meaning of the original precious. Speaking Toushi Zhuang and lace, are full of people "YY" the intention, which is the ultimate expression of the temptation sexy. The temptation can be sexy lace Toushi Zhuang and added rivets, metal sequins and other decorative elements, become tough lot. In addition to displaying the original sexy temptation, the great woman's momentum is also coming fast and furious.

Medieval bras designed to be three-dimensional decoration, lace stitching, the design is not complicated wordy. Bridesmaids Dresses addition to the original retro charm children, the sweet, witty, fascinating and charming but also to make was one.

If it is not in the underwear of the conference, see the dress is not one of these classified as "underwear line" Mother of The Bride Dresses, now in addition to doing traditional underwear underwear brand will also launch a series of similar outer dress, clothing style clothes. Today's quest for fancy underwear, more clothing of, street wear clothing does not matter, no one would say that your head spinning. Ou Difen the veterans like Wang Wenzong said: "In some exchanges which are more of a performance. In recent years, the material is pretty good underwear. Waichuan the kind of material element can, if you can for some combination of fashion, I believe, is a trend Waichuan underwear. "

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kwi 09 2011 Opening the black snake pattern coat Cocktail...

Designer Rei Kawakubo (Rei Kawakubo) works appreciate if only from the front,Party Dresses that will be miss too many wonderful. Rei Kawakubo of autumn and winter 2011, CdG (Comme des Garcons) Women series, designer Rei Kawakubo (Rei Kawakubo) J to continue with her creative ideas and the deconstruction of thinking, interpretation of "Hybrid fashion (hybrid of fashion)" as the theme. Celebrity Dresses long coat, short blouses, suits, dresses were torn down to untie, leaving only cover half of the body part or even less, and then spliced ??to form asymmetrical dress.

Opening the black snake pattern coat Cocktail Dresses, very serious and heavy positive side, in fact, the whole garment Only the first half of the ribbon will be behind only two sleeves together. Sweet 16 Dresses then marked with cotton stitching satin knot, a suit jacket on the left the right half-length sleeve shirt with satin ribbon connection ... ... style, fabric, color contrast, from the front is beyond imagination, and when Madou sideways, turn around and show more detail collage , tie design.

Cut to produce a large number of asymmetric hem of varying lengths, the left low-right-high piece pants, different colors of satin bind up our wounds into the layers of dresses, Flower Girl Dresses dark cotton cloth and thin dotted black satin hem. But with masculine, rough, loose shorts, shoes Block (Brouge) to the nude color with a thin soft tulle coat, whether considered on the "Hybrid" Another way of interpreting it?

Rei Kawakubo this season CdG (Comme des Garcons) signature dark shades, the melt into a lot of colorful Baroque swirl, Pei Sili printing (Paisley Pattern) and other decorative motifs. Flower Girl Dresses The oddly shaped wig and finishing coat shiny metallic gold, it is this season Rei Kawakubo (Rei Kawakubo) heart "New colour", brought a mix of a little weird sense of luxury and decadence.

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kwi 09 2011 Spring and summer season

Spring and summer season,Formal Dresses ushered in the fashion style of the golden era of white, four Big Fashion Week looking ahead, are all soft and fluffy texture of white cotton dresses, shorts, cotton fabric is translucent shine. Proposed to be married fashion editor of, and even beautiful brides honeymoon, your wedding dress wardrobe into the exciting can tender white Party Dresses. Major T station, the star of the influx of people on stage and a common interpretation of a white storm. Different hues, different style, enjoy the mix of different fabrics, body white, is enough in.Celebrity Dresses men tend to loose but a type of profile to become the new definition of modern, simple and there is room cut with a tough sense of the accessories on, so that the image of a more casual chic.Cocktail Dresses Victorian lace shirt is the choice to break the clean lines, but also white in the season the prevalence of essential points, with tight trousers and crystal accessories, make you more royal temperament.

Mother of The Bride Dresses, as is the Duchess's robe, and to The slim skirt shape a noble posture. No excessive jewelry, clean, slender is the focus of the performance.

Details without too much decoration and embellishment, the texture is high cotton skirt a great endorsement of natural beauty, luxurious decoration on the quarter over quarter, the wind in this announcement.

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