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kwi 15 2011 The opening of London Fashion Week

The opening of London Fashion Week, the British designer Alexander McQueen's memorial service will be held at the same also. Compared with the other three major fashion weeks, London has been avant-garde itself, does not even McQueen Party Dresses show, but the British still have such a talented designer is proud, he is the backbone of the British avant-garde trends. But maybe now we not only want to silence the enemy, but also gradually passing away at London Fashion Week, the avant-garde temperament and sad.

As London Fashion Quinceanera Dresses one of the highlights Week, Burberry Prorsum and the contribution of a number of topics point. Floor model runway shows, live off the projector, the global 20 stores synchronized comprehensive and efficient forms of communication, so that we see not only the jacket covered with rivets and Special Occasion Dresses, also let us see that even the models can not wear high heels to walk, not just a model to go off the high heels full field, which in the history of fashion shows, and rare. Even for women who put on a strong rivet was decorated like a samurai general fashion, women are still unable to control the motorcycle the same as men control the fierce, high-heeled shoes.

Today's Paul Smith is no longer the focus of the London Fashion Week, it is also not ignore the bright spot, at least he cut those sexy suits and pants are still a lot of choice for professional women's tastes. He will belong to the fall color season, khaki, blue and pump wave into the cultivated land of red wine color in a metallic fabric, to the women with more space between the seasonal transition.

The brilliant Peter Pilotto print as a selling point to the opposite series of three-dimensional opening cut white dress, and then lined with printed fabric with a thick and black trousers leads some, of course, is only the so-called thick and black relatively light season in terms of the main tone. Crossover design is the focus of the season Pilotto word overlap from the cut to the fabric of the intersection, to the clever color transition, Pilotto found in the comparison point of the perfect fit. Antonio Berardi love white, this one is no exception, opening all kinds of white suits and dresses, with the tilt of the piping highlights the delicate curve of a woman. Then the group of attacking a black dress, as if the night after the Angels turned. Not too feminine embroidery or beading and other decorative, transparent tulle is the only finishing touch.

Scot Christopher Kane chose to be loyal to the royal family this time, inspired by the Princess Margaret series will be rendered into a bright green fabric and orange, into the modern classical. Although these beautiful and eye-catching fashion, but it is not help think of the design of Prada, and away from the Kane that sense of belonging to the future after 90. Fortunately, his futuristic retro embroidery printing and found the transit points, which also light up the whole runway.

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kwi 15 2011 Knee-length dress in early spring this year...

Polka Dot Sleeveless vest + coat + canvas shoes

Knee-length dress in early spring this year, a trend, wearing a simple white flowing dress is a favorite of many girls in mind the image of a boy, a few string tied around his waist exudes the flavor of a small woman, which has become the upper body and lower body Golden Line, cold weather, you can take a wave point outside the jacket is also perfect.

Long coat with khaki canvas shoes

Stylish and elegant khaki trench coat and a long section of blue dots dress exudes a little bit of mix and match the cute little woman, Leggings mix of cloth shoes, with sex by age, the cartoon ride wave of T is a bright spot.

Check Shirt + high heels + black-rimmed eyes

Plaid shirt is also a popular season is not the lack of a single product, a bow waist Results revealed a small woman's sweet temperament, with a blue knee-length skirt will never let a whole has the feeling of weightlessness, but with more bright colors to choose this Significant fashion, very eye-catching black-rimmed glasses.

Little Black Skirt leather mix perspective

Black lace pants sexy dress is the best tide to disclose material, mix and match tough motorcycle jacket, hardness with softness structured, in the head with a pair of toe sandals, yuppie neutral full range of children.

Floral skirt black suit coincidence

Women should be learning with workplace law, Chao T shirt take the suit, neutral temperament sharp, mix orange dress, and yet able to add in the small woman's romantic and lovely.

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kwi 14 2011 Fashion Week shows

With four major brands Fashion Week shows in one after the release of advanced custom dress from Germany brand eDressit also followed the design theme of this conference is: "Spring? Meng, "to the rhythm of Spring Inspiration for the design, the design in the use of brilliant color, and texture varied selection of gorgeous fabrics, the design elements to use more flowers, buds, leaves, feathers, leaves and other elements, full of long grass birds are flying, all things Recovery thriving brought us joy.

April 8, 2011, eDressit Shanghai Fashion Culture Festival to be invited, in the Grand Gateway in Xujiahui tribunal issued the fashion show, so that people in Shanghai's fashion industry also felt the country could not customize the conference of the international high-level event.

The conference brought eDressit 9 series, let us work together better take a glimpse of this fashion event: a bold use of color hit, opening with brilliant colors that give the audience a strong visual impact, design uses flowers as Lord, flower size and shape vary, according to the design ideas need to take a variety of performance practices.

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kwi 14 2011 Holiday Series has arrived! We have been...

Holiday Series has arrived! We have been offering stylish brand heavyweight designers work, how to wear them more prominent in the autumn and winter season? Recognize that a small number of styles and unique colors, they need to buy time and vision to succeed. Holiday Series again, this time more and more concern in sub-quarter of a heavyweight work. Which brand you want to see a masterpiece, for the first time buying what the fashion styles and colors, what handbag will be easy to take and what necklace hot IT accessory, most importantly, how to wear not only in the middle of winter unexpected but more beautiful.

Concerns a single product in early spring vacation series
Céline leather "Classic Box" handbags, small size and easy to handle package will proceed girls obsessed with revived passion for handbags, shiny lizard skin, retro python skin, crocodile leather and suede, each with the cortex are the perfect blending of colors with them, Phoebe Philo's the first one again, will be the next one bag IT BAG.
Various brands of handbags more respected pragmatism, Louis Vuitton French girls who resort to Riviera Shoulder Bag with Monogram Bulles, this navy blue or beige bubble is very easy to take care of clean nylon shoulder bag by brand iconic Monogram printed decoration, there are three dimensions, both practical and elegant feeling.
Chanel Venice holiday series for himself a lot of people want some cute accessories - open-toed boots cute striped tie and conspicuous, red or blue and white stripes Celebrity Dresses can become the focus of the entire body, red color in the classic Chanel is another member; clusters of flowers are representative of antique-like accessories, large and fine, flashing shiny metals and jewels , go to parties and nightclubs will be very eye-catching.

Be concerned about the brand

Series different from the past holiday season, the major brands in the blockbuster hit back starting star architect, has a unique display of innovative publishing, of course, is more positive in the quarter design is not lost, even more exciting bold style.

Louis Vuitton
Most of the fashion magazine will have or have had, "dressed as a woman of 25 French secret" like the article, Louis Vuitton this season's holiday series is to fashion fans on this lesson, and this Marc Jacobs shape out of the "French girl" in Paris than the conventional more playful and uninhibited women. First of all legs must be prerequisites, tweed shorts, horn shape of the ice-skating Formal Dresses highlight the legs are shaped and beauty San goods;landmark in line with the French navy stripes and holiday series of dual requirements, coral, navy blue color is typical of the style of bold designer whom also added polka dots and beam rope decoration. You can be the early spring of 2010 Louis Vuitton series as very contradictory holiday season, both glamorous and sexy, elegant and luxurious, but also full of the vitality of the French girl.
Lanvin has been hailed as "never disappointing with Women", this beautiful resort in addition to fashion, there Jiaoren surprised and loved the conference site. Inspired by the southern city of Lanvin in Mexico in early spring vacation series has a very lovely decorative cloth hat and T-flower sandals, in the regular season is difficult to see good color and designer shoes great decorations. One interesting critics said it looks for the spring season of marriage and after the honeymoon for the bride, this series actually has a white wedding piece Bridesmaid Dresses and and the edge of a farm yarn, mop the floor at night you can wear silk long dress, large brightly colored T shirt to wear for the honeymoon, while in bed to only need a low-cut black silk gown, and even pieces of accessories are right!
Céline holiday season series can be said to release the year one of the most talked about resort, the new creative director Phoebe Philo has just designed a first series appearance immediately became hot in the fashion lovers. In addition to fashion fans, insiders also fascinated by this series, a famous fashion editor at the blog, the assessment is "almost every piece of all want for ourselves." Phoebe Philo himself that the purpose of this series is to classic and unique achievements in the fashion season, on her own, the more focused fashion, functionality, rather than fashion trends, you can use them to mix and match. And we all know, in addition to outside with and fashion, which is very season has investment value.

Be concerned about the styles and colors
Wear real, real clothing, or real wear! Season resort could be called "easy to wear pragmatism" of the season, pants, jackets and relaxing holiday dress, each with comfortable and can achieve a lot. Changing the color of pleasing, with the right mix more than one plus one two chemical reactions.

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kwi 14 2011 Party Dresses can easily cope with spring...

Party Dresses can easily cope with spring temperature days. Ankle length dress, fashion trends this year, only to rise, of course, you also become highly sought after actress object, whether it is cool to go route or routes beautiful actress, can not dumping it, have in this dressed in the spring and summer season of communication to show off her femininity. 70s of last century as the representative of retro style, retro dress is really unparalleled range of children. The weather getting warmer, and soon the streets will be washed up all kinds of long robe, you ready for it? Chiffon ranked Perspective

Soft chiffon, is the most popular material, because it is light and elegant, with a sense of vertical fall with the pace but also flowing, very feminine. However, this year's dress, the Floral Chiffon is no longer the main, pure color Prom Dresses has started to seize hegemony, and it is taking the two "extreme": one tulle perspective, the other is double chiffon texture. Sheer style perspective, is favored in this year, most used in the jumpsuit gown, spring and summer 2011 fashion show field, and ultimately, their shadow, or the mysterious black, or the elegance of the nude color, some local perspective, while others are bold and full Toushi Zhuang, it is a test body and guts. But life is different from the show field, after all, clothes fitted, not everyone has the courage to do like Madonna through the streets wearing Toushi Zhuang, of course, the hottest models on the network, but also ordinary people are the best style of operation is double chiffon, more than a single layer of chiffon more texture, more vertical fall, walking, the feeling seems to be streamlined, with a nude color is elegant.

Retro Pleated, Mom's old clothes range children
With this spring and summer fashion dress is long long ago through the kind of mother Mother of The Bride Dresses, you will remember, that is a very fine creases, skirt swaying in the flow of the accordion as Chende skirt. Yes, this year's retro 70's always make up the century, scraping, in addition to the permanent bicycle, enamel cup, a large collar shirt, as well as this antique-style pleated skirt.
However, with the soft and textured chiffon fabric, pleated skirts less then point to the feeling of old-fashioned, and then light pink, flesh pink, light green, red bean paste nude colors, coupled with thin belts, put on a leather or denim motorcycle and immediately have a different feeling, both nostalgic and not outdated.

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kwi 13 2011 Shanghai Paris wedding subversion of the...

Shanghai Paris wedding subversion of the "studio is not just the studio," the legend. Back in 1986, Shanghai was founded in Taiwan in Paris wedding to, from inception to different from other studio's traditional business, and create a Celebrity Dresses out of the concept of brand development. In the past 20 years the consumer market in wedding photography in the arts and professional service reputation, and its three major brands of dress designs to dominate the international forefront of wedding fashion, the trend to create a professional wedding charm.

Shanghai Paris wedding full of hundred people worldwide creative design team unlimited imagination, and lead the season's fashion and popular, non-controversial wedding leads the trend of the world to follow the same cross-industry focus. The Paris and a number of world-renowned Chinese masters are invited to join the Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival, in addition to international brands is exposed, but also hope for the current Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival Add a more style, more Shanghai into an international fashion contribute, let the world see in addition to Shanghai's economic development, but also see Shanghai fashion and the arts humanities international rapid development. Shanghai Paris wedding special collection of global talent and creative team works in this section of the "Spring and Summer Wedding Trends 2007", "fell in love with the beautiful spring," "fashion" trilogy, the latest release of three brand Bridesmaid Dresses works in Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival highlights the most unique.

France's most romantic love is nature's most beautiful places in France is Paris, Paris, Shanghai which is the white wedding PARIS LEE, founder, Mr. Shao was founded in Paris in 1986, the deep emotional wedding source of energy for the love beautiful wedding in Paris, has been dazzling bloom nearly 20 years. World famous brand Shanghai Paris wedding, from wedding industry's premier set of arts, humanities, fashion, Mr. Li Shaobai operators, will lead the wedding photography from Taiwan to Shanghai open light. Back in 1986, became famous in the wedding industry Mr. Li Shaobai Taiwan, and always uphold the "good even better, keep improving," a unique vision, technology and product development in innovation, but also focus more on customer service and texture details of the deal personalized to meet the demand, so in order to create the Greater Shanghai area of ??Shanghai known for top quality wedding wedding photography in Paris.

Flora elegant and romantic, noble taste.

Created by the brilliant beauty of the flowers and the romantic atmosphere as a starting point, but also with soft top material carefully to modern haute couture Formal Dresses design, interpretation of a beautiful woman moving all the wonderful appearance, emitting a shining star elegance.

Flora assembled a variety of decorative themes based romantic elegance, the French romantic aesthetic dress decorated with bright style of each design. Qing Ling delicate flavor, the perfect temperament to distribute exhaustive, simply a pure three-dimensional perfect cut, the details of the sweet soft decorative aesthetic doctrine of micro processing, the contours of the French romance with the Xing and appreciation for the art of clothing taste, totally heaven's brewing the French new wave decoration. The elegant low-key style, fresh and natural color gradation, from an exclusive Flora achievement romantic myth of love, the noble material used to create a more distinguished taste just like a princess.

Fashionmonger leading fashion house creative fashion.

Each design, each beautiful, each temperament, there are many that we are always impressed by the amazing place, just like Fashionmonger quarterly wedding dress style is always easy to feel the beauty and the issue of the most surprising incredibly amazing. Stylish trendy design concept, so that each dress has a most modern fashion sense to imagine the perfect scenario image, using three-dimensional cut couture crafted levels, extensive use of advanced materials and other senior chiffon and lace, and a bold combination of Colorful on the international fashion arena tones, accurate picture of the most stylish bride for a special appearance. Modern dress looks gorgeous-like fashion, in fact, showing a more graceful wedding the most incredible new attitude, exquisite and delicate decoration of objects, leaving the overall wedding atmosphere, emitting a subtle fashion scene, the highlight of show for the most unique.

Regina's top new luxury, the new shining star
Regina behalf of the Greek goddess of extravagant luxury of a mysterious energy, just like a Hollywood star-like distribution of the glorious, through the European couture fashion design principle, the use of CHANEL, LV, CD and other internationally renowned fashion similar material off the top, showing a more noble intellectual woman gorgeous texture perfect profile.
Regina exquisite design of each series is always gorgeous to the impressive, especially the splendid luxury and style, so that the owner of each dress swaying in the skirt, the gestures can convey elegance and honor the wonderful women elegance. Shen convergence Regina favorite color as tone, slowly emitting a delicate minimalist in the top taste, the complete interpretation of the mysterious sexy is another element, cutting a bold new look of the ceremony, neat clothes, make a woman more romantic drift out of intellectual side. Distinguished is gorgeous highlight of this series will be women's favorite jewelry stars, such as Swaloski top crystal, fully studded on the line in a beautiful dress to create a luxury image of the first non-polar, just like the stars of heaven, shining in the service Piaoshan Xuanliang swing Sang on the occasion, Hua Guifeng Paris, the United States to become Shanghai's most shining beacon.

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kwi 13 2011 With the constantly changing global trends...

Not necessarily a pure white wedding Party Dresses, required the bride with all the body with a white headdress, was started in the era of Queen Victoria, when white represents happiness, and then reinforces the meaning of holiness and fidelity, resulting in the woman to remarry, can not wear a white wedding Mother of The Bride Dresses, the formation of a white wedding dress stood out more lofty position.

Prior to this, Greece is also the "white" dress for the bride, the most common color, but not strictly to the body white; Roman times, the bride will face Phi yellow yarn; Zeyi red traditional Chinese dress as a symbol of good luck; the early twentieth century, silver wedding is to show the status of royal dignity, we can see is the appropriate dress of their "color", does not specifically wear a white wedding dress.

With the constantly changing global trends, wedding in addition to white, ivory, beige and other traditional colors, but also increasingly popular in recent years, pink wedding package, such as pink, pink orange, light blue, light purple, light green and light silver-gray, very soft and pleasing to the eye; If you are adventurous, dark green, purplish red, deep purple, decorated in pink dress, the formation of rich colors, the Special Occasion Dresses, the effect is very special; The most popular, of course, ivory or white wedding dress, laden with pink silk flowers, butterflies, to add color. In fact, the wedding is not important what color the most important prerequisite is to match the bride's complexion. Asian skin deep yellow, wearing a white wedding dress will look dull, worn ivory would be more harmonious nature, blue, purple and yellow are not coordinated, but pink orange, light green with yellowish color match. As for the skin, rosy, or bronze skin, wearing white will look great, especially the latter, with the groom's tuxedo, the process is an unusual honor.

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kwi 13 2011 Little girls always love the small vest and...

Little girls always love the small vest and mini skirt, desperate for capital to show off under the sun, but in fact women are familiar with the occasional big fashion "cover up " the temptation tricks, this season, from North Africa heat rolling from the T stage And to, urged us to hurry up put the wind is full of ethnic dress robes. Model T stage, wearing a plain looking dress robes "haircut"effect, and my heart is because the designers made ??the muttering lazy it? Well, such a simple way to conquer the world one piece, is the fall of last year's romantic minimalist wave of variants in the spring and summer, and even what necklaces, belts can be avoided, like Etro, like Marc by Marc Jacobs, or several sets of Thick bracelets will be totally ready to go. If you prefer printing money, that Missoni's lightning streaks and Dries Van Noten's lonely valley of orchids do you prefer?

Little girls always love the small vest and mini skirt, desperate for capital to show off under the sun, but in fact women are familiar with the occasional big fashion "cover up " the temptation tricks, this season, from North Africa heat rolling from the T stage And to, urged us to hurry up put the wind is full of ethnic dress robes. Model T stage, wearing a plain looking dress robes "haircut"effect, and my heart is because the designers made ??the muttering lazy it? Well, such a simple way to conquer the world one piece, is the fall of last year's romantic minimalist wave of variants in the spring and summer, and even what necklaces, belts can be avoided, like Etro, like Marc by Marc Jacobs, or several sets of Thick bracelets will be totally ready to go. If you prefer printing money, that Missoni's lightning streaks and Dries Van Noten's lonely valley of orchids do you prefer?

Little girls always love the small vest and mini skirt, desperate for capital to show off under the sun, but in fact women are familiar with the occasional big fashion "cover up " the temptation tricks, this season, from North Africa heat rolling from the T stage And to, urged us to hurry up put the wind is full of ethnic dress robes. Model T stage, wearing a plain looking dress robes "haircut"effect, and my heart is because the designers made ??the muttering lazy it? Well, such a simple way to conquer the world one piece, is the fall of last year's romantic minimalist wave of variants in the spring and summer, and even what necklaces, belts can be avoided, like Etro, like Marc by Marc Jacobs, or several sets of Thick bracelets will be totally ready to go. If you prefer printing money, that Missoni's lightning streaks and Dries Van Noten's lonely valley of orchids do you prefer?

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kwi 12 2011 Every bride wedding the first time to choose...

Every bride wedding the first time to choose, certainly there will be “pick dazzled” feeling. Try wedding is not only lots of elbow grease, but also a test of your patience.

1 First of all can refer to the bridal salon works published in magazines, samples, understanding the style of wedding, you can also listen to some of the views of someone who, before the went into bridal salon, to master the principles of its own budget, style, services provided for the bridal salon etc. To learn more thorough;

2 looking at samples, pictures of beautiful women not to be tempted, by the time to understand their own style of wedding, so avoid weaknesses, to choose their own wedding dress to highlight their most beautiful side;

3 tailor generally refers to the size measurements, do not eat before the tailor’s too full, damaged the lower abdomen and waist line, affecting the accuracy of the bride, we should also note down the size of the amount of time;

4 try opening the same day before the bride and the best clothes to wear, easy to wear off, remember to wear white underwear strap, to avoid the effect;

5 try’s time to great lengths to build their own advantages and disadvantages to master clear, do not be a romantic wedding or a beautiful dress confused, like the style selected, after a certain date should be finalized in order to avoid and others into a mountain ;

6 bride dress and wedding dress usually there is a certain gap, so the bride can dress never worn more than the views of staff in professional services, and then try;

7, also with a good staff, please earrings, necklaces and other accessories, when peace should be peace in the content, price, date, time and must provide detailed product comes with clearly written.

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kwi 12 2011 How to choose wedding by color

In addition to pure white wedding dress, the wedding banquet will be replaced on at least two sets of dress to toast, see a visitor, then the other models in the selection of dress, apart from the same attention to design issues cut body modification, we have to pay attention to color and their dress whether the mutual background color.


Comparison does not dress color issues, coupled with more convenient, not much of a problem.

More dark skin

Recommendations can pick Celebrity Dresses, you can create a sexy contrast healthy atmosphere, usually as black on the street, wearing bright clothes like a great trip, but to highlight the beauty of a conflict and eye-catching, but this attempt premise is that you must have an average of healthy and have a glossy dark sense of healthy skin, so the effect of gloss, a perfect foil to his own charming character.

Color dull yellow

As far as possible, do not try to like purple, sapphire blue, cinnamon, lotus root color, copper, gold ... such color dresses, purple, sapphire blue will make the already dull enough white skin is more sallow, and cinnamon, lotus root, copper-gold that Class of skin color except white, otherwise they will be more original with the Asian yellow skin and dress sense of the illusion of a fusion, completely unable to appear out of focus, it seems far too close to the skin even at the boundary with the dress. Therefore, apart from being the pure Evening Dresses need to carefully selected, the banquet wearing a dress can not be ignored, because even if the dress design with a combination of their body no matter how perfect, as long as a challenge to the skin tones do not suit their style, your whole Yan scared that the wedding style four bright sense of escape that does not come out abruptly, as to pity.

Wedding clothes, must not miss the small details

The selection of good and beautiful like a princess-like beauty of a romantic wedding, be sure to remember that there are many related accessories Sweet 16 Dresses accessories need to match, usually part of the first yarn and the wedding will be the same ancestors, basically there is not much difference and unexpected sense of.However, some jewelry I would suggest to focus on the main type of embellishment like, after all these years aremostly gone mainstream fashion emphasizes low-key luxury and elegant, so if you want the bride to her husband's family all the friends and family a gift of gold, jewelry, all at once into the body, then be sure to properly communicate about it, after all, is not necessarily a large number of the United States, too many shiny crystal jewelry, gold, silver, K gold, pearls, it is difficult with all their wonderful pocket.

To that in the wedding dress, headdress, but also try and dress the same color or homogeneous materials, this part of the concept is and jewelry with the same, you be few, so as to present an elegant sense of quiet and sweet temperament, so In jewelry, hair this last part of the careless omission of the details do not, so before the selection of wedding dresses all the time it takes to fall short thoughts.If you want to be a happy and beautiful bride well, we should be patient and more careful study of their own for the wedding dress style, so you can help yourself to leave one of the most perfect romantic memories.

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