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kwi 09 2011 Fariza Sultan shows us a beautiful combination...

A young rising in the fashion industry of Kazakhstan star Fariza.Sultan family will be March 18, 2011 Fashion Week in Shanghai works published in the autumn and winter 2011, showing her latest work.

Party Dresses here is a collection of the pure feel her heart warm oriental women free pursuit. Modern Oriental women have become more independent, stronger and more sexy while maintaining a sense of mystery. This field collections show the real natural beauty of her own inner world, the coexistence of weak and strong character, contradictory, and mutual struggle. When people think they have the fine line and shiny colors say with the world when the designer for the "Nur-Shakh" fashion house to bring the Arab element in particular, and modern urban life portfolio, rock and exotic.Celebrity Dresses

Fariza Sultan shows us a beautiful combination of bright colors, perfect luxurious fabric cutting and sewing.Cocktail Dresses the performance of these clothes are hand-selected for advanced fabrics such as silk clothing, leather, lace The Creative and taffeta.

Bermuda fashion designer graduated from Park Lane College, which is a well-known in Florence, Italy, International Institute of fashion design and marketing. Studying her in her senior experts from the fashion industry get the true mass.

Designers were able to culture and from her cultural traditions of every woman to capture the essence of a beautiful place to create a subtle clothing line.Prom Dresses cause a woman to "Nur-Shakh" Fashion House series of creative inspiration are easily Imagine in everyday life and from the red carpet. "Women need love even when the clothes is that they are living muse," the designer said.Sweet 16 Dresses evening dresses and accessories on behalf of the family of its vertices.

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kwi 09 2011 Spring 2011 ushered in a clear insight into...

Spring 2011 ushered in a clear insight into colors,Party Dresses candy-like sweet, beautiful holiday scenery, to the 70's Yves Saint Laurent's most famous tribute to Mondrian colors, emphasizing the woman's charming and cool, always filled with joyous pride. Fabric choice, not fantastic, but, whether it is solid coarse, or withstand flexible blended, the goal is to better show the color saturation.

Spring and summer the flagship of the "color" trump card,Celebrity Dresses the Fast Fashion demonstrations. High fashion fans what education staining, Cocktail Dresses what is the real Chromic, fluorescent color, juice color, what is refined color. Sweet 16 Dresses.Also through professional color therapy, immersion pool positive emotions, for the future fortune. It seems that the vibrant color of spring and summer season, "recovery" even more special significance!Flower Girl Dresses And flounced chiffon combination of romance to the white to an extreme. Layering to radiate vitality skirt, feminine flowers and fine necklaces are excellent in combination with high heels.

Shaping function with a simple skirt cut way to a more cool, with elements of the accessories echoed in the outline of body lines while keeping the overall image is more uniform.

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kwi 09 2011 Fashion is always aphrodisiac

时尚永远是春药,大型场地阶段筛选记录,人们偷过高尔夫服饰潮流death.Party生活聚光灯,并希望站在海黑压压的,不为时尚的酷和时尚编辑,带来了新的女装不都玩足球本身,不妨借鉴英国女王的“卓越”打扮。名人连衣裙她不是时尚先锋,但拉镜头无论多远,你永远不看看她,因为她必须穿制服,从头部到脚趾光明。凯利特雷西惹人爱绿,突出华伦天奴红色,喜欢的时刻“移动彩色指南。”鸡尾酒礼服,甚至刻意回避镜头,但也因为“爱井”中出现了大量的图片。孔蒂佩里的“水果糖”形象,改写了传统意义上的时尚偶像,并验证了上世纪80年代保持在个人风格的步伐和麦当娜与辛迪劳博尔比应果断Madonna.Bridesmaids礼服在纽约“时代”杂志已确定了一系列齿轮齿铜,铁到八度,分别在四个辛迪劳博尔将持续很长一段时间红,麦当娜是短暂的。由,发展其实是新娘礼服母亲正好相反,但与现代回头重新阅读,你会发现继续今天的自我麦当娜颠覆使用自己的昨天,她也漂移创造一种趋势,由于害怕被抛弃的潮流。辛迪劳博尔有自信地坚持自己的超越了一糖果汁集团的出现年龄,国家仍然大用,Lady Gaga还是为偶像和MAC妆共同认可。

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kwi 08 2011 Party Dresses composed of short thick jacket...

Balenciaga (Balenciaga) 2011 autumn and winter women's show is opening a new interpretation of the leather fabric: Party Dresses composed of short thick jacket or sleeveless tops. Is mated to the fence with a soft black jacket shrouded the knees like print dresses, soft and hard, light and heavy contrast and exaggerated sense of volume, a designer Danielle (Nicolas Ghesquière) to show theme. This season's Balenciaga (Balenciaga), the pioneer, psychedelic, surreal and stable, real clothing, between the aristocratic sense to find a good balance.

Navy blue stitching leather shoulder gown, collar cut out at the three-dimensional spiral-shaped curve; Celebrity Dresses at the hem stitching hard black leather; simple black and white group then the silver metallic futuristic fabrics, dresses Cut the side with gold grid connection; clothing large linear geometric blocks of color, and the strap high heels, handbags, baroque swirl pattern on the collision. Balenciaga (Balenciaga) can be customized with advanced technology comparable to the exquisite tailoring, and El (Nicolas Ghesquière) singular creative ideas, the future and a sense of reality mixed in full strength in shape.

Cocoon-shaped midfield, there were many contours. The black leather collar decorated with fluorescent purple, red rose cold dark coat lined with broken sense of monotony. Black mesh cage to live Prom Dresses or short-sleeved T-shirt color, outside the set wearing a vest or a long section of box-shaped cocoon Tunic tops, rich layers and clear.

Large floral pattern in Balenciaga (Balenciaga) show recent quarters, is rarely used in the design field, this time El (Nicolas Ghesquière) to seemingly chaotic but delicate strokes flowers, silk opened in irregular folds skirt, and with the rich colors to create a psychedelic visual effects. El (Nicolas Ghesquière), said: "(The printing) like an illusion, just like your childhood, I felt everything would appear to be larger than actual size."

El (Nicolas Ghesquière) the use of color this season, from the opening at the touch of Chromic collar will appeared. Houban Chang loose flowing blouses with long black and white mosaic of cobalt blue, fluorescent violet, Sweet 16 Dresses, although cold, super-bright but with a sense of reality. Madou their distinctive blue eyebrows, but also like a soldier of the future as solemn detachment.

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kwi 08 2011 Choose Party Dresses the actress

Choose Party Dresses the actress, it is admirable. Fit to burst must have a good figure Or belong to that sort of sex goddess Beyonce, no one will want to be fashion disaster. The real star.In a very clever attempt to avoid the soft heavy metal punk classic metal style, how they see the color!
Celebrity Dresses Sarah Jessica Parker very sexy blond curls, 50's of last century-style design with sheds.Added to the metal material on the gift to elegance. Do not know if you have not noticed, this is her favorite tutu-style.
In addition, shoes and bags Sarah attaches great importance to the mix, another highlight of the harmony of her forte. Who says single.Shoulder dress is not wearing a necklace? Slightly exposed metal layer necklace echoes the theme, so attention to detail, no wonder by brand of all ages.Bridesmaids Dresses temperley London professes to build from the simple pursuit of a beautiful image of a stronger more sexy, this ancient dong metal Spiraea dresses can fully demonstrate. Sofia Vergara Inside outside the movies are like "Modern Home".
In the sexy bomb, this skirt is the perfect choice. With a gorgeous necklace is redundant, as he showed fans person's neck, go beyond that.Mother of The Bride Dresses rodarte brand as a muse can be described as Kirsten Dunst is very conscientious, often dressed in attendance various activities. This bow at the waist decorated with cute skirts and vests have a strong metallic luster sweet chemical reaction.
If you have trouble with this Rodarte, dazzling selection of some of the metal belt system installed and then a sense of the curve,you can also shine.

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kwi 08 2011 Designers resolve the perfect color to soft...

This is a new and joyous spring Party Dresses so that a trace of warm, sweet breath of air. Designers resolve the perfect color to soft tones and soft lines, precision ground with just the right mood women gorgeous spring day. Whether the shuttle in a sea of ??traffic, or walking between a small theater in the museum, whether it is Celebrity Dresses, or Cocktail Dresses, every woman feel the spring in the quiet and romantic.
Warm weekend, so we'll go to art exhibitions. A lucky coincidence, fit the theme of the exhibition of decorative style accessories, but also may bring you an artist friend. Stitching patterns for patchwork or abstract blocks of color arranged on the dress, and with soft graceful lines and beautiful curves outline, overwhelmed mind can gain the artists will appreciate the attention. But pay attention to the accessories simple with a solid color, or easily become filled with patterns for clothes.
Formal Dresses, the design of more clever mind. In addition to more abstract art form, and as a transparent material, fur, leather stitching is also refreshing. And have the artistic temperament, a perfect recovery of the decorative style, radial shape of the necklace or bracelet large and bright colors are simple and modern performance of weapon grade.

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